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CoSTAR FieldEditor creates breakthrough for Radio Journalism (21/9/2004)

Agreement to co-market FieldEditor with Maycom HandHeld Recorder

The launch of the CoSTAR FieldEditor from Smart Media Solutions creates a breakthrough for Radio Journalism. It is an innovative audio production tool that is specifically designed for more advanced editing in a very simple and user-friendly way.

This powerful instant MPEG II Multi-Track Editor handles up to four audio tracks and offers a variety of features that have been implemented with the emphasis on reporter editing tasks in workflow and user interface. The competitive pricing of the CoSTAR FieldEditor makes it an affordable must-have tool for freelance journalists and radio broadcasters.

The FieldEditor comes preloaded on a cool aluminum 128MB USB-Key. Journalists can now carry their audio material and editing tools on a small portable device that will plug in and run on any computer with a USB port and Microsoft Windows XPTM installed. The editor will run straight from the USB-Key without the need to install the editing software first.

"I am very excited about the FieldEditor - it is a breakthrough product for the industry and benefits from many years of experience in developing our CoSTAR Radio automation system" comments Tony Henderson, newly appointed COO of Smart Media Solutions.

Smart Media Solutions also announces an agreement with Maycom to market the CoSTAR FieldEditor in conjunction with the Maycom HandHeld Recorder. This gives journalists the option of storing the editor inside the HandHeld for a complete radio newsgathering package.

"Finding a fully featured MP2 Multi-Track Editor that is easy to operate is one thing, finding it for a reasonable price was amazing. The CoSTAR FieldEditor is exactly what we've looked for and "embedded" in our HandHeld makes it an affordable, complete and powerful solution for journalists and reporters." comments Dave Groeneveld, Sales Director of Maycom.

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