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Ikegami is introducing a new SDTV Studio/EFP Camera System (21/9/2004)

The HK-399PW is a state-of-the-art SDTV system incorporating 14-bit A/D converter. It is the ultimate SDTV camera, employing the same ASIC as that of an HDTV camera, and an AIT chip that achieves a smear level superior to that of an FIT. With its small, lightweight body and low power consumption, the camera provides superb picture quality under a range of environments.

The camera was the first broadcast camera in the world to employ a 14-bit A/D converter, providing more natural colour reproduction under lower light conditions than earlier digital cameras. (The internal operations of the camera are 38-bit.)

The camera uses the latest model of the 600.000 pixel AIT chip. The smear level has been improved to the point of being negligible, superior to that of the FIT.

The unit features a typical S/N ratio of an amazing -68 dB (NTSC)/-66 dB (PAL). The minimum illumination intensity can also be increased to 0.004 lx by incorporating the optional sensitive unit. The triple-layer internal filter system can be servo-controlled and remotely controlled from OCP/MCP. The three layers are ND (100%, 25%, 6.2%, 1.6%), EFF (Clear, Cross, Snow Cross, Soft Focus) and Electronic Colour Compensation (ECC, 3200K/4300K/6300K/8000K).

The available SE-S500 System Expander allows the HK-399PW to be operated as a studio camera.

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