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Ikegami's 3rd Generation Editcam3 Nonlinear Camcorder DNS-33W Supports Solid State Memory (21/9/2004)

Ikegami broke through with a tape-less solution in 1995 as a pioneer in the broadcast market.

Ikegami's disk recording know-how and extensive camera experience have led to the DNS-33W, the latest Editcam model. The DNS-33W achieves real nonlinear acquisition. After recording to the FieldPak2 removable non-linear media, video clips can be accessed directly and edited by Avid NLEs, such as Avid MC/NC Adrenaline, Xpress PRO and Xpress DV. There is no requirement for the time consuming digitising procedure. Ikegami's Editcam solution releases editors from wasting time digitising footage.

DNS-33W is using advanced digital signal processing with 12-bit A/D conversion and up to 38-bit internal digital processing. Newly developed AIT (Advanced Interline Transfer) CCDs offer high sensitivity of f11 and a very low smear level of 135dB. It achieves a high resolution of 750 TV lines and a S/N ratio of 65dB.

DNS-33W is equipped with ECC (Electronic Colour Compensation) filter for the replacement of an optical filter.

As recording media Editcam3 accepts FieldPak`s with up to 80Gbyte capacity. This gives up to 6 hours recording time in high quality. Also RamPak with Solid-state memory is now available for DNS-33W.

New Editcam3 employs LCD colour touch screen viewer and display. The chassis is newly designed with good balance, lightweight and low power consumption. Optional are SDI and IEEE1394 output available. The camera provides 4 channel audio recording and a UNI-SLOT for integrated wireless receiver or video transmitter.

Solid State Memory for Editcam now available.

Using the same package than the actual hard drive FieldPak does, the new RamPak with Solid State Memory is compatible to the existing camcorders and detachable recorder.

Ikegami claimed to be the worlds first broadcast supplier manufacturing a totally moving-parts-free digital acquisition system in a series production. Well knowing that the current flash memory technology with necessary capacity is still expensive, Ikegami sees a significant price drop and capacity increase soon.

With a size of 16Gbyte, Editcam with Solid State Memory is able to capture more than one hour DV25 footage.

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