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Ikegami's HDL-40HS Compact One-Piece Type HDTV Super Slow-Motion Camera (21/9/2004)

Ikegami is presenting HDL-40HS super slow-motion camera. It employs full resolution CMOS sensors, operating at 120 frames per second capture rate. It achieves superb HDTV slow-motion pictures with the specified server system. Sampling at 1280 x 720 produces a limiting resolution of 700TVL.

Dual 12-bit digital outputs form the CMOS sensors are fed directly to dual digital processing 0.18 mASICs ,each equivalent to 3.3 million gates. The analog pre-processor in the camera is eliminated producing a total digital solution. The fully digital stream through the camera to the HD-SDI output assures signal integrity, repetitive high picture quality and stable reliability.

720/120p via dual link HD SDI is connected to the server for slow-motion replay. Standard 720p out is available for live use.

HDL-40HS provides compact and lightweight construction with low power consumption and weights just over 3 lbs. and draws about 16 watts of power. These characteristics together with an overall compact size make the camera ideal of POV applications. Fiber extension and system accessories for telephoto lenses and portable use allow the camera to work in additional applications.

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