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Ikegami Introduces the HDTV Wireless Camera System HDK-79EX with PP-57 (21/9/2004)

Using a HDTV portable camera HDK-79EX, and a new developed transmitting system PF-503RX, an HD/SD RF Camera System is now available.

OFDM Modulation avoids Multi-path and Interference, enhancing either indoor or outdoor shooting. Return transmission is available with separate units for Intercom and basic camera control.

The receiver system PP-57TX is a compact and lightweight one-piece construction, which permits mobile or limited space application. With optional built-in HD or SD Codec, HD-SDI or SD-SDI transmission is provided. Analog Composite video I/O is also available. Although compact in size, the 200mW (7GHz Band) output provides adequate transmission distance.

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