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Blackmagic Design announces DeckLink Multibridge (21/9/2004)

Introducing the world’s highest quality all in one analog converter and breakout box.

Today Blackmagic Design announced DeckLink Multibridge(tm), the first all in one analog converter that handles any conversion task in both HDTV and Standard Definition video.

DeckLink Multibridge(tm) handles all YUV video conversion in & out as well as composite NTSC/PAL including 4 channels of analog XLR professional audio in & out and a massive 8 channels of AES/EBU audio in & out all on the one converter. DeckLink Multibridge(tm) also contains powerful processing features such as broadcast quality HD down conversion.

DeckLink Multibridge(tm) is very flexible, and can connect analog decks such as Betacam SP(tm) to SDI, or it can be added to any editing and design workstation to get the ultimate SDI tethered breakout box.

"Finally there is a solution to the mess of adding little converters for video and audio, because DeckLink Multibridge(tm) combines all audio and video conversion plus HD down conversion into the single product." Said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design "Combined with the quality of Dual Link 4:4:4, and dual rate standard definition and high definition support, DeckLink Multibridge(tm) is a perfect solution to our customers converter and break out box needs, and will easily become one of those industry changing products!"

DeckLink Multibridge Product Features

Dual Link HD-SDI 4:4:4 supports makes DeckLink Multibridge(tm) the industry's leading converter in terms of video quality. Dual Link 4:4:4 support is combined with 14 bit digital to analog conversion, for high precision video conversion.

The Dual Link 4:4:4 television standard contains additional color detail on the second HD-SDI link for full RGB color bandwidth, as well as an extra 2 bits per color channel of extra precision allowing for 12 bit SDI. DeckLink Multibridge(tm) has the precision to take advantage of 4:4:4 quality levels, important when working with 12 bit log video for digital film applications.

Bi-Directional Conversion

An important feature of DeckLink Multibridge(tm) is the ability to convert between SDI and analog audio and video, as well as analog to SDI, simultaneously. Bi-Directional conversion is important when connecting analog decks such as Betacam SP(tm) into SDI based digital systems, and eliminates the multitude of small converter modules that are currently required.

DeckLink Multibridge(tm) will connect to any equipment in a facility and can be used as a standalone converter, SDI tethered break out box for editing systems, a high quality 4:4:4 HD-SDI input converter for video monitors, or as an SDI audio embedder or de-embedder. DeckLink Multibridge also features large 64 MB memory buffering allowing conversion from unstable analog video sources such as VHS decks.

DeckLink Multibridge(tm) makes an ideal breakout box for editing and design workstations because it includes all types of connections, being fully dual rate HDTV and Standard Definition compatible it will move with users as they cross over to HDTV workflow's. Additional benefits when used as a breakout box include the ability to place it up to the full 300 feet SDI cable length from an editing station or to connect it via a routing switcher.

Analog and Digital Audio Support

DeckLink Multibridge(tm) supports both analog and digital audio conversion. For analog, 4 channels in and out of balanced +4dB audio on standard XLR connectors is included as standard. 8 channels of AES/EBU digital audio in and out is also built in on an industry standard multi channel DB-25 connector. Analog or AES/EBU audio can be embedded and de-embedded into any SDI audio group in either HD-SDI or Standard Definition SDI.

For studio audio monitoring, DeckLink Multibridge(tm) features high quality unbalanced audio outputs on RCA connectors. This lets users adopt lower cost HiFi equipment for in-suite monitoring.

Real Time Video Processor

Powerful real time video processing and a large 64MB buffer memory allow DeckLink Multibridge™ to provide great processing features such as HD down conversion, and in the future other features can be added such as title safe markers, logo keying and even video legalization. Further information is provided on the Blackmagic Design web site about current software features.

USB Control & Firmware Updates

DeckLink Multibridge(tm) features digital level adjustments controlled via USB, eliminating level drift common on converters that use mechanical potentiometer adjustments. Using the USB 2.0 connection on the front panel lets users change settings and fine tune video levels by plugging into the front of the converter.

That's important when users need to view rack mounted waveform monitors while making adjustments. Software updates are via USB and this lets users update DeckLink Multibridge™ when new features are released.

Reversible Rack Mount

DeckLink Multibridge(tm) was designed with reversible rack mounting letting users install the product connectors to the front for breakout box use, or install connectors to the rear, for traditional analog converter operation. Power connectors are positioned on both the front and rear panels so users can hide power cabling.

Two Models

DeckLink Multibridge(tm) is dual rate and operates in both Standard Definition and High Definition, while DeckLink Multibridge SD(tm) is a lower cost model that operates in Standard Definition only, important when HD support is not required.

DeckLink Multibridge™ providing HD and SD support will be available in approx. 4 weeks via Blackmagic Design Authorized Resellers worldwide for a recommended retail price of US$1,995.

The lower cost DeckLink Multibridge(tm) Standard Definition only model will also be available in approx. 4 weeks at a retail price of US$1,495.

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