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Blackmagic Design announces price and model changes for DeckLink HD (21/9/2004)

Great new low prices for DeckLink HD cards, extended feature software update, and a lower cost single link 4:2:2 variant of DeckLink HD Pro released.

Today Blackmagic Design announced lower prices on DeckLink HD, and DeckLink HD Pro(tm), and a new single link 4:2:2 version of DeckLink HD Pro.

DeckLink HD Pro Single Link

Since DeckLink HD Pro(tm) has been released, many people have marveled at the incredible quality of RGB 10 bit 4:4:4 capture and playback for editing and feature film production. Also popular has been the new high quality 14 bit analog 4:4:4 output, which allows users to monitor video at the highest quality available for digital to analog conversion.

The secret to DeckLink HD Pro's analog output quality is, unlike other off the shelf SDI to analog converters. DeckLink HD Pro's analog video output was designed from the ground up to support the quality of Dual Link 4:4:4 RGB, at the deepest 12 bits of precision as supported in the Dual Link 4:4:4 HD-SDI specification.

Blackmagic Design engineers did this by completely rethinking digital to analog converter design, and using ultra wide bandwidth high speed digital to analog converters that are over twice the speed of those used in competitive products. Active analog filtering was also used for a much more accurate high frequency filter, avoiding the early roll off that passive filters demonstrate. This means fine detail in HD video is retained and converted to analog cleanly. Images look more like film, and not peaky or soft, as other converters experience.

However for many the cost of Dual Link 4:4:4 HD-SDI support was high, when they really wanted access to the high quality of the DeckLink HD Pro(tm) analog monitoring. Many users also felt they wanted a great standard definition card with the high quality monitoring, and only used the HD features on rare jobs.

Blackmagic Design has responded to this need by releasing a single link 4:2:2 only version of DeckLink HD Pro(tm) that includes all the same quality of analog monitoring, but that excludes some of the expense HD-SDI electronic components, to lower the cost of the product for users.

DeckLink HD Pro Software Update

Blackmagic Design will also be previewing a new software update for DeckLink HD Pro cards that features a new broadcast quality HD down conversion allowing simultaneous HD and down converted standard definition output, DVCPRO HD hardware acceleration, as well as high quality 14 bit 5x over-sampled composite NTSC/PAL analog output. This new update adds powerful new features to DeckLink HD Pro cards and is expected to ship in November. This will be a free update for all DeckLink HD Pro users and will be downloadable from the Blackmagic Design web site.

New Prices

DeckLink HD Pro(tm) Single Link is available now and will retail at US$1,495. Due to production efficiencies, DeckLink HD Pro(tm) Dual Link will also reduce in price to US$1,995.

At IBC 2004, Blackmagic Design is also releasing DeckLink HD Plus(tm), a low cost HD card that features genlock and HD Tri-Sync, as well as AES/SPDIF input and output with genlocked AES word-clock output.

DeckLink HD Plus(tm) is avalible now and retails at US$995.

The original DeckLink HD(tm) will reduce to an amazing US$595 to allow a fantastic low cost HD and Standard Definition capture card that's a perfect companion to the new DeckLink Multibridge(tm) converter and breakout box, Workgroup Videohub, and our new dual rate routing switcher.

"I am totally blown away by our new HD product lineup, and while other companies are struggling to release a first HD product, we now have a full range of dual rate HD and Standard Definition products that cover every need our users have." said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. "Now even users that are only working on Standard Definition projects can now purchase low cost products that can instantly switch to HD when they need it. They can be assured of an easy HD future with Blackmagic Design"

Blackmagic DeckLink HD is available now from authorized Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide for US$595.

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