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Accom Products Open New HD Opportunities in Europe and Beyond (21/9/2004)

Accom's new products shown at IBC 2004 offered increased multi-format capabilities for the growing number of European and worldwide customers who are now augmenting their operations by working in both standard and high definition formats to satisfy domestic demand and co-produce HD programming saleable to networks in the USA and Asia.

Accom's strategy of developing universal-format equipment capable of providing an identical user experience while delivering both standard definition and high definition capability helps customers adapt to the transition between formats and find new and cost-effective ways of benefiting from HD as a production and delivery medium. Accom's universal-format product range now includes the WSD(r) range of digital disk recorders, the Axial(r) edit controller platform, the Abekas(r) Dveous(r)/MX digital video effects system, and the Abekas(r) 6000 production server.

Product Developments at IBC

Established in high-profile installations as a standard-definition system, the Abekas 6000 production server made its debut at IBC with new HDTV technology allowing users to mix and match SD and HD channels as required. With high-quality I-Frame compression, the Abekas 6000 provides frame accurate editing on up to eight record/playback channels in standard definition, and up to four HD channels. Optimised for operation in the production network, the server now features Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel option, individual audio tracks editing, and an updated Content Management Panel, providing management facilities with any networked PC or MAC.

The Abekas 6000 is a powerful and versatile server for live or near-live production work, and with its ability to handle both standard definition and high definition material, it is ideal for working in post-production, sports coverage and other SD or HD applications for European networks or for international co-production.

Also appearing at IBC for the first time, Accom's latest Dveous/MX universal-format digital video effects system now provides broadcasters with the ability to work in either SD or HD in full Quad Twin configuration. Quad Twin doubles the previous dual twin capabilities and allows up to eight channels of video or four video/key channel pairs. The Abekas Dveous/MX is the most familiar and powerful DVE available, and is the logical choice for facilities needing a high-powered standard definition DVE with built-in expandable high definition capability for current and future productions needs.

The high definition potential of Accom's universal-format products is being exploited by European and Middle Eastern customers in a variety of roles including live production, telecine, digital cinema and stage presentation. Moroccan state broadcaster RTM and Austrian 3D cinema specialists are two recent examples of customers benefiting from the HD capability of Accom's products to create new business opportunities and increase competitiveness in recently deregulated markets.

For facilities requiring a cost-effective solution exclusively for standard-definition applications, Accom's new APR(r)ĄClipStore(tm) makes its IBC debut. Housed in a compact 3RU chassis, APRĄClipStore captures, stores and plays uncompressed 10-bit video+key+audio clips, with support for direct rendering via ultra-fast gigabit Ethernet, and optional AES/EBU audio. ClipStore is ideal for VTR replacement, telecine applications, graphics roles including TV identity creation and playout, and edit caching.

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