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Telestream Unveils Industry's First Windows Media 9 Series Encoding Support for Macintosh (22/9/2004)

Mac users can now export Windows Media files directly from any QuickTime-based application

Telestream, the world's leading provider of universal media access solutions, today announced the industry's first support for exporting or importing files in the Microsoft Windows Media format on Mac OS X platforms. Telestream's new support capabilities for Windows Media on the Mac enable users to create files in standard and high definition using Windows Media in either stereo or 5.1, directly on their Macs. The Telestream solution for Windows Media supports any QuickTime-based application, including Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and QuickTime Player.

With this offering, Telestream recognizes the unique strengths of two industry leaders. Apple QuickTime-based applications have become an industry standard for content creation and editing. Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series is becoming an industry-standard for efficient media transport. Telestream's new support capability for Windows Media on the Mac bridges this important gap for professional users.

Until now it has been cumbersome for Mac users to create files in Windows Media. The process has required exporting the file, moving it to a PC, and then encoding it into Windows Media using another software application. By exporting and encoding right on the Mac, users save time and the hassle of working with multiple systems and software packages.

"Telestream's innovative solution now enables the large base of Mac users in the content creation world to create files using Windows Media directly on their own platform," said Steve Sklepowich, group manager in the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp. "Telestream has a history of providing industry-leading solutions for media workflows that require encoding, and its new solution will have broad market appeal."

Telestream's new support capabilities for Windows Media on the Mac component enables users to conveniently select Windows Media 7, 8, or 9 Series from the list of available formats in the Export function of any QuickTime-based application. Users can either set the desired format parameters, or choose a Windows Media format profile which was previously saved.

"We're excited to bring to market a product which will be an important tool for the universe of content creators using the Macintosh platform. This new support offering for Windows Media on the Mac provides Telestream with an entry point into this important community," said Dan Castles, president and CEO of Telestream. "In addition to its broad adoption on the Web, the Windows Media 9 Series format is increasingly being requested as the transport format of choice by broadcasters and other media companies. Our support for Windows Media on the Mac is a key step in our quest to enable universal media access for more users and platforms."

Telestream's new support capabilities also allow Mac users to import Windows Media files for editing or simply playing in their QuickTime Players. As the Windows Media 9 Series format continues to be utilized as an efficient format for media transport over IP networks, the ability to import and edit or play those files in QuickTime-based applications becomes more appealing.

Telestream's new support capabilities for Windows Media on the Mac include Windows Media versions 7, 8 and 9 Series. A standard version supports standard-definition resolutions, and a pro HD version adds support for high definition, two-pass encoding and 5.1 channel audio. Both versions will be available for commercial release in Q4-2004 via online fulfillment. Pricing starts at under US$100.

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