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Canon Shows New Ultra-Compact HD Studiolens (22/9/2004)

European launch of the DIGISUPER 22xs, the new kind of studio lens specifically designed for portable cameras.

The XJ22x7.3B brings high optical performance to HDTV or SDTV in an extremely compact box-style design, exceeding the image quality of any portable HD lens or SDTV box-style studio lens.

The highest-quality tele portable lens from Canon

The HJ22ex7.6B benefits from the optical excellence of Canon's e-HDxs system, featuring the precision control of the second generation of enhanced Digital Drive.

The company that knows film shows new lenses for Electronic Cinematography

The new FJs series of Canon's HD-EC prime lenses is upgraded and expanded from five to six lenses, providing cinematographers with increased shooting flexibility. The latest addition is the FJs55 lens, with a fast T1.6 capability.

Canon also broadened its line of HD-EC zoom lenses, opening even more creative options to cinematographers with the new HJ8x5.5B KLL-SC lens. It represents an affordable wide angle companion to the HJ21x7.5B KLL-SC and HJ11x4.7B KLL-SC lenses, with a focal length of 5.5~44mm, and T2.1 capability.

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