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Lightworks Touch gets an upgrade at IBC 2004 (22/9/2004)

Version 2 of Touch software delivers major audio and video enhancements

Lightworks is to launch Touch Version 2.0 at IBC 2004 on the Lightworks/Gee Broadcast stand. Touch 2.0, combined with Geevs XT500, will be operating in the SharkNET shared stor-age environment, demonstrating edit-while-capture, shared metadata and other integrated functions.

Lightworks Touch V2.0 incorporates many enhancements, primarily to the audio functionality and effects handling of the Touch system:

Track-based audio level control (audio rubberbanding), adjustable in real-time
5 Band parametric EQ, adjustable in real-time
Audio varispeed
Improved sample rate conversion quality

Adobe After Effects plug-in support: Sapphire, Tinderbox, Primatte, Boris Continuum and many more, allowing a virtually unlimited range of effects
Improved Digital Fusion and Combustion integration direct transfer of a Lightworks Touch timeline into a Digital Fusion or Combustion workspace for advanced effects work, including colour correction and keying
Animated image-key support key an image sequence (TGA, TIFF, PNG, etc.) over the video output, e.g. for a Station ident
Faster rendering of existing native effects
Output cropping without using a DVE

Stripview enhancements easy-to-use track naming, 'see through' video black, etc.
DVE and keyframing user-interface improvements
New, faster and more robust editing engine

There are various options for upgrading to the new version of Touch, one of which includes the Serenity support programme.

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