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Geevs extends its reach with Geevs XT (22/9/2004)

Major software upgrade keeps popular broadcast server range up-to-date and positions it for the future

Gee Broadcast announces the launch of Geevs XT, adding new functionality and future-proofing to the popular Geevs family of Broadcast Video Servers. Keith Gee explained: "Geevs has established a great reputation as one of the most versatile yet cost-effective broadcast video server ranges available. As new standards and formats emerge, we have to decide when to incorporate them into Geevs.

That usually happens incrementally, but now we're renaming the product to indicate the fundamental changes we've made. As well as adding Unicode and other lan-guage support, we're enabling Geevs to handle the latest emerging file formats and giving it the freedom to support a wider range of platforms and video I/O standards. With platform independence, Geevs will work happily with Standard and High Definition material, so the future is covered at least as far as anyone can tell today!"

Keith added: "It's also worth pointing out that all existing Geevs servers can run the XT software, so everyone can benefit from the new user interface, which provides a more up-to-date look and feel, without getting anyone lost! Finally, in Geevs XT we have provided users with an API, so they can develop their own control interfaces, which will be particularly useful in automation systems."

There are five levels to the Geevs XT software, each aimed at different production requirements.

Geevs XT 50 - A single-channel server that provides clip capture, management and playout. The same control options are available as with other Geevs XT configurations. Single Channel; 2 or 4RU

Geevs XT 100 - Provides new and enhanced Geevs XT software features on the classic Geevs V4 platform. This flexible, digital or analogue, multi-channel server operates in MJPEG, DV or MPEG2 formats. Scaleable up to 100s of channels; support for Unicode, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc.; enhanced software for the classic Geevs platform

Geevs XT 250 This low-cost, DV dual-channel server is perfect for news system integration and small production environments. With MXF compatibility, Geevs XT250 is the ideal server to complement a DV editing network. Sony XDCam-compatible; DV25 and MXF; highly-affordable 2 In, 2 Out; SDI

Geevs XT 500 An optimised production server for use with Lightworks Touch non-linear editor. With enhanced ingest and playout tools, shots can be captured, reviewed and sent to the editor within seconds. Drag & drop clips between Geevs and Touch; improved Metadata exchange; edit-while-record; optimised ingest for produc-tion workflow.

Geevs XT 1000 The super-fast uncompressed server best suited for high-end post-production requirements. Available with all the other software features of the XT range but with 10 bit or 8 bit picture quality. Dual-channel uncompressed SDI, 10 Bit or 8 Bit; super-fast operation; picture or picture-and-key modes.

All Geevs XT variants are available to order now with deliveries starting shortly after IBC.

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