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Digital Voodoo Announces FCP HD 4.5, Pnther OSX & G5 Workstation Support For Its Entire Range Of SD SDI And Analog Video Cards (22/9/2004)

Digital Voodoo today announced the immediate availability of driver V7.3b4 for its entire range of SD SDI & Analogue video cards, supporting Final Cut Pro HD 4.5, QuickTime 6.5.1, Panther 10.3.4 and the G5 workstation.

The Digital Voodoo products supported by this release are as follows:

a) D1 64AV b) D1 64 c) D1 64 Lite d) D1 64RT e) Iridium SD f) Iridium AV g) SD | Edit h) SD | Flex

The 64RT, SD | Edit and SD | Flex support Final Cut Pro HD 4.5's RT Extreme architecture and Photo JPEG for real time effects and offline editing respectively.

"The release of driver V7.3b4 represents a water shed milestone for Digital Voodoo's development on the Apple Macintosh platform" said Craige Mott, Managing Director of Digital Voodoo. "It is no secret we struggled with the release of OSX and then the succession of Apple application, operating system and workstation releases. However, we have worked our way through these issues over time and now have rock solid, production quality drivers for our entire line of SD SDI and Analogue products."

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