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FOR-A showcases HD/SD migration path at IBC 2004 (22/9/2004)

FOR-A, a leading manufacturer of digital SD and HD systems for the broadcast and professional video industries, is using IBC 2004 to showcase its new HD/SD switchable product line-up. This range of solutions offers the user a cost-effective way to make the step to HD, so they can balance short-term needs against future demands.

In particular, FOR-A will release the HVS-1000HS 1M/E Hanabi multi-format switcher, which will enable quick and easy switching between SD and HD. IBC also sees the release of the HVS-3000S 2M/E Hanabi switcher, featuring the world's first polygon real 3D DVE. This enables the user to upgrade from SD to HD.

With the European market slower to embrace HD than its Japanese or North American counterparts, it makes sense to give broadcasters and post-production facilities the tools to be able to work in SD now with the ability to handle HD projects as and when they arise.

"Our Universal Frame Series represents the key parts that hold a facility together," said Hiro Tanoue, sales manager/eastern region and Central/South America for FOR-A. "They enable signals to move reliably and be processed without quality degradation. We're now offering a clear migration path from analogue to SD, and then to HD. This is a path that allows customers to transition quickly and cost effectively."

FOR-A's new HD/SD switchable product range includes:

* HVS-1000HS - Hanabi 1M/E Digital video switcher * DCC-70HS - Digital colour corrector * DSK-70HS - Digital super keyer * VRP-70HS - Virtual processor with chroma-keyer * UFH-70FS - Frame synchroniser * UFH-70DDA - Digital video distribution amplifier * UFH-70TG - Title generator * UFH-70VTG - Video timer * UFH-70SS - Still image store * IVS-700HS - Video stabiliser

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