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CLIPPER Steadicam Camera Stabilization System for Composite and High Definition Production (22/9/2004)

Tiffen introduces the CLIPPER(tm) STEADICAM Stabilization System for the high end Video Professional. Featuring Ultra N0-Tools design technology, supporting NTSC/PAL Composite and High Definition cameras from 15-26 pounds (11.8Kg) with slim 2.75" Sled width, rod mounted monitor and battery offers a new dimension for the Video Professional.

Tiffen proudly announces CLIPPER Steadicam. The new model is able to accept any high definition or standard composite signal. Featuring the ULTRA No-tools design, CLIPPER offers a new dimension to the high end Video Professional. The user may add any high definition monitor. However, equipped with the Tiffen HD UltraBrite(tm) Color 8.4" LCD monitor the unit is capable of displaying virtually all component high definition and standard composite NTSC/PAL/SECAM signals on the same monitor eliminating the need for two separate monitors. Imagine all this capability in one system!

The CLIPPER Steadicam is a camera stabilization support system that will support cameras weighing 15 to 26 pounds (6.8-11.8Kg). The Iso-Elastic´ CLIPPER arm is an enhanced dual articulated design that can be adjusted while supporting the camera and without any tools. This unique design, with a 20" Boom Range, allows the Steadicam operator to place the arm in any position where it will remain. This is especially useful for "lock-off" shots.

Two monitors are offered and feature newer Color LCD Technology. The monitor weight and location assures the operator perfect balance and ease of operation. The standard NTSC / PAL Composite LCD monitor along with the optional HD UltraBrite(tm) Color 8.4" LCD monitor utilize the new Ultra Series(tm) monitor mounting assembly. Optional is a Composite/HDSDI monitor.

The new CLIPPER Sled provides 12volt operation utilizing most available battery mounts including the slim profile Tiffen battery. Featuring narrow 2.75" Sled width with rod mounted monitor and battery assure optimum operational freedom. Utilizing a proven N0-tools Low Friction UltraŐ Gimbal, the operator has the ability to capture the fluid movement that only Steadicam˝ can provide. No-tools precision camera stage with "Drop-in" camera loading establishes a solid base for the camera and facilitates smooth adjustment ease from side to side plus fore and aft. The adjustable No-tools two section carbon fiber post and interface to the stage form a solid bond to assure no jitter in the picture as the operator captures those unique scenes. The battery may be moved to achieve ultimate dynamic balance. The Exclusive Ultra Dynamic Balance Calculator is optional.

Steadicam Professional Video models are available for cameras 2 to 28 pounds for the Video Professional. "We are proud to announce CLIPPER(tm) as one of three new Steadicam systems introduced earlier this year. We now offer an unprecedented nine different systems and many models! This range of products and the strategic pricing demonstrate our commitment to provide complete solutions for your production needs," states Steve Tiffen, President and CEO.

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