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Tiffen Version Two of the Vidy Award Winning HD UltraBrite Monitor (22/9/2004)

HD UltraBRITE Ver.2.0 was introduced at NAB 2004. This VIDY Award Design (2002) Color 8.4" LCD Monitor is significantly redesigned featuring overall reduced size, thermal protection and new SVHS and VGA/SVGA inputs. The still unmatched performance of 1400nits brightness with large 8.4" Color LCD continues to be popular in Jib, Crane and STEADICAM applications where both NTSC/PAL Composite and Component High Definition is required in one low cost monitor.

Tiffen, manufacturer of the Steadicam(r) Camera Stabilizing Systems, was awarded the Vidy Award 2002 for its creation of an LCD monitor that attaches to Steadicam Camera Stabilization Systems. The monitor has been accepted throughout the world and is being used on stabilizer systems, jibs and cranes. Since then, even more improvements have been made so significant that we introduce Ver2.0.

The new HD UltraBrite 8.4" TFT color monitor is the brightest (1400nits) and only HD/Composite video monitor available today that has been exclusively designed for Steadicam and field production use. This unique monitor now features in Version 2, a reduced overall size, thermal protection and new S-VHS and VGA/SVGA inputs. The HD UltraBrite monitor is built for today's demanding needs for versatility and flexibility. With the ever-increasing demand for HD video monitoring, and the ever-present need for Composite video monitoring, the HD UltraBrite will serve these needs in one monitor with low cost.

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