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Fujinon Introduces New High Definition Multi-Purpose Studio Lens (23/9/2004)

At this year's IBC FUJINON will introduce a new multi purpose Studio Lens:

The HA25x6.8BESM offers a perfect combination of wide angle of view and long zoom range. It is a true all rounder, perfectly adapted to the requirements of studio and mobile production applications. Exceptionally quiet in operation, it is ideal for use in constricted conditions such as small and mid-size studios. Compact dimensions, low weight and an improved balancing point support the use of prompter equipment and minimize the need for counterweights. The lens matches perfectly modern robotic pedestals. The HA25 features outstanding high definition quality in a cost-effective lens.

Incorporating the well-known DIGI POWER features, the HA25x6.8 offers unparalleled production flexibility. QUICK ZOOM provides a rapid method for accurate focussing at the simple touch of a button. A user-friendly flexible two-shot preset for zoom and/or focus eases your production schedules. Zoom speeds as low as 0.6 sec from end to end can be achieved. Zoom and focus characteristics can be selected to suit the actual production situation.

This multi-purpose lens, HA25x6.8BESM is perfect as a medium focal length lens in mobile, studio and other daily applications.

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