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Growing Market Transition to LCD Monitors - Sony launches new range of LMD series professional monitors at IBC 2004 (23/9/2004)

To meet the rapidly growing and demanding market in flat panel Professional Video Monitors, Sony has committed itself to expanding a full line-up of LMD-series monitors for professional use - from entry level to high-end multiple viewing applications.

This move follows the transition from CRT to LCD in the IT marketplace, as well as the growing demand for LCD TV in the consumer market. At IBC in Amsterdam, today, Sony is reinforcing its leadership position in the flat panel display market by launching an extension to its series of LCD monitors in its LMD range: HD/SD switchable and SD only, 16:9 wide screen and 4:3 screen. The LMD-series monitors, offering excellent picture quality, installation flexibility, space-saving construction and low power consumption are designed to meet a wide range of picture-monitoring demands in professional applications such as broadcast stations, OB vehicles, post-production studios, system integration, commercial enterprises and digital photo studios.

Picture Quality and Design

Due to their unique design technology, the Sony LMD-series offer professional users superior picture quality in still and especially moving images, improved image performance and a reduction in the need for manual adjustment.

The innovative 'two-piece' design of these monitors, separating the display and video processing units means the display is remarkably compact and lightweight increasing the variety and flexibility of mounting options. Sony is also adding a 'one-piece' type of LMD monitors to complement the current line up and meet a wider range of user requirements and a variety of applications.

Reduced Costs

LCD devices generally have a significantly longer life span than CRT, adding to users' reduced total cost of ownership. Maintenance costs are lower because LCD technology offers perfect linearity, and is virtually immune to magnetic interference. Energy bills are also lower due to reduced power consumption. Because the display and video processing units are separate, requiring less air conditioning, and simply due to the nature of the technology, LCD also generates much less heat that CRT. For OB vehicles and large studios this reduction in operating costs can make a significant difference.

Future Proof investment

Sony's LMD-series monitors are quick to assemble and highly scalable. With the development of HD in Europe, they offer an easy migration path from Standard to High Definition making customer's investment ready for the future. Daniel Dubreuil, Senior Manager, Product Marketing Solutions, Sony Professional Solutions Europe states: "As market leader, we need to be aware of long term customer requirements and be in a position to offer a full range of products to fit those needs."

Sony LMD series monitors have many advantages including enhanced picture quality, lower total cost of ownership and superior robustness. In line with market transitions and demands for new LCD technology, Sony Professional Solutions Europe is now committed to introducing a full range of LCD monitors to match customer's expectations for the most demanding viewing applications. Consequently, Sony Professional Solutions Europe plans to phase out the PVM range of CRT monitors by the end of March 2005 and will concentrate on the development of new LCD products for the future generation of Professional Video Monitors. However, Sony Professional Solutions Europe retains its commitment to maintaining its range of Broadcast Video Monitors (BVM) for the high-end editing, studio and engineering market.

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