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Forbidden Revolutionises Professional Editing with its Web-Based System (24/9/2004)

Forbidden launches the first web-based professional editing tool at the International Broadcasting Convention 2004

Video streaming specialists Forbidden Technologies today launches FORscene, a groundbreaking web-based editing and publishing system for production houses and professional editors.

This revolutionary system enables editors and producers to access, view and edit footage from their head offices, homes or hotel rooms, simply by logging on to the Internet with a standard PC - no additional software or hardware is required. On completion, the edit can be published by a click of the mouse to any website or high end mobile phone, or via an EDL for autoconform from original broadcast sources.

The new system also provides a unique ability for directors, executive producers and clients to view final cuts, over the web, from anywhere in the world.

Charles Thompson, MD of leading production house, Mentorn said: "This is the most exciting technology we have seen in international film and video production. FORscene will undoubtedly reduce editing and production costs, improve management of on-location shoots, and vitally, will allow immediate editing, as soon as the footage has been uploaded to the web. This is like putting a man on the moon for our industry."

Additional FORscene benefits:

Ease of Use. Professional editors will be conversant in FORscene in a few minutes, compared to existing editing suites that may require several weeks of training.
Direct Export. FORscene is specially designed to allow the completed edit to be exported directly to existing systems for online editing.
Low Cost. Pay-as-you-go model promotes flexibility and significantly reduces editing costs. Rough cuts can be created and published on the web, without the need for expensive editing suites.

"FORscene delivers significant savings when compared to existing editing tools and working practices," said Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden Technologies. "Producers and editors have previously been forced to visit specific locations or be sent footage via FTP before developing a rough cut or viewing a final cut. Now, they can access this footage directly over the web from a standard PC or laptop."

The ability to access footage via the Internet ensures that the editing process can begin immediately, significantly reducing the time needed in post-production. Collaborative editing is also straightforward with FORscene. By being able to view footage as it is being edited, the producer back in the office is assured valuable input into the direction and content of the shoot.

During the development phase of FORscene, Forbidden has worked closely with producers and editors at international production house Mentorn to ensure the final version is reliable and as relevant to its core target audience as possible.

Charles Thompson concludes: "We had a heaven sent opportunity to work with Forbidden, to test the product to destruction in the real world, and to put forward our own recommendations and suggestions. Thanks to this close collaboration, FORscene overcomes many of the ease of use niggles of existing systems, and its web-based functionality enables a quantum leap forward in the development of global film and TV programming."

Already creating a buzz in the industry, FORscene is being launched with the support of its first customer, Mentorn, at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam.

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