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OpTex HD EC Prime Lenses (24/9/2004)

The OpTex Electronic Cinematography (EC) series of lenses have been created in response to the need for high quality mid range prime lenses suitable for Digital Betacam, DVC Pro and 2/3" HDTV cameras. They produce the kind of differential focus familiar to film makers without the image shift associated with many zoom lenses.

The lenses feature a low reflecting, acrylic black finish; with an iris scale calibrated in T stops and a focus scale engraved in both feet and meters. Both iris and focus feature large, highly visible scales and, where possible, are engraved on both sides of the lens. The focus scale has been calibrated so that it is measured 48mm to the rear of the lens/camera interface and not from the front element normally attributed to video lenses.

They also feature built-in 0.8 modulus gear rings compatible with studio follow focus rigs, fluid drive units and motorised control systems.

1.4x and 2x range extenders are also available to further increase the versatility of these lenses.

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