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OpTex Announces HDTV Film Style Extension Viewfinder (24/9/2004)

The OpTex HDTV Film Style Extension Viewfinder has been designed for use with Sony or Panasonic HDTV cameras with either standard Monochrome or the new HD Colour LCD viewfinders. They increase the comfort and efficiency of professional camera people who operate their video cameras mounted away from their bodies on tripods, etc.

The world's first product of its kind to avoid using prisms in its construction, with 16 specially designed optical elements, the new OpTex HD Extension Viewfinder features greatly enhanced performance when compared with existing products. For example, it offers vastly improved Eye Relief and Pupil Diameter. Put into real terms, this means that it's far more comfortable to use, as you can move your eye around without the 'tunnel' effect seen with other products. Chromatic aberration (which causes colour fringing) has been eliminated, as has distortion. And the large field of view allows the operator to really see all the action within the scene.

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