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Thomson Integrates Apple Final Cut Pro into Three New Grass Valley TV Station in a Kit Packages (24/9/2004)

Pre-Configured Kits Target Broadcast, News, Post-Production Applications

Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS), the world leader in integrated solutions (technologies, equipment, and services) to the entertainment and media industries, today announced three new additions to its popular Grass Valley(tm) brand TV Station in a Kit(tm) Series of pre-configured packages. The new kits, targeted at broadcast, news, and post-production applications, integrate the Emmy(r) award-winning Final Cut Pro line of software from Apple(r). Thomson announced the integration of Final Cut Pro HD software into its Digital News Production (DNP) product line less than six months ago.

In a related announcement, Thomson unveiled two additional kits for the professional audio video (PAV) market (see "Thomson Expands PAV Market Presence with Additions to Grass Valley TV Station in a Kit Series," 9 September, 2004). The new kits announced today reflect the ongoing strategic efforts by Thomson to drive new levels of affordability in its core markets-and to drive its technologies into new, adjacent markets. The price breakthroughs of the TV Station in a Kit Series are being driven by the rapid integration of low-cost video processing, IP networking, and off-the-shelf IT technologies.

"With the integration of our digital news production products and Apple's Final Cut Pro software already under way, extending our efforts to the TV Station in a Kit series was only logical," said Marc Valentin, president of Thomson Broadcast & Media Solutions. "Together we will deliver high-quality technologies to broader market segments and enable more professionals to take advantage of the benefits and unique price points that our complementary product lines have to offer." "We're thrilled that only a few months after Thomson announced the integration of Final Cut Pro HD into its Grass Valley Digital News Production line at NAB, they're delivering that and more at IBC," said Rob Schoeben, Apple's vice president of Applications Marketing. "Together with Thomson, we can now offer our customers powerful, integrated end-to-end solutions not only for the broadcast news room, but for post-production as well-at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems."

New Century Productions (NCP), based in Allentown, Penn., also purchased two new Kalypso HD switchers with GVeous systems to upgrade its existing all-HD truck. Already in place were two, four-channel Grass Valley PVS 2000 HD Profile(r) XP Media Platform servers and 17 Grass Valley LDK 6000 mk II multi-format HD cameras.

Three New Kits Target Broadcast, News, Post Production

The new pre-configured packages announced today include the TV Station in a Box Kit, News Production Kit, and Post-Production Kit.

The TV Station in a Box Kit combines the intuitive Grass Valley M-Series(tm) intelligent video digital recorder (iVDR) and the powerful Final Cut Pro HD application. It has everything necessary to broadcast a program and share media and includes an M-Series iVDR with four channels of simultaneous record and playout capabilities, Final Cut Pro HD, and a PowerMac G5.

With this kit, users can record, store, manage, edit, add graphics, and play out clips with advanced scheduling software. The iVDR can ingest incoming material and easily trim, preview, and play out clips automatically. Users can also edit clips in Final Cut Pro HD using material stored on the iVDR or on tape.

The News Production Kit provides an easy entry into digital newsgathering and streamlines the operations of regional TV stations and institutional video departments. It features a full complement of Grass Valley DNP equipment, including an M-Series iVDR, three NewsEdit&153; nonlinear editing systems, a Grass Valley Network Attached Storage (NAS) storage system, an IngestStation automated tape digitization system, and a NewsQ&153; Pro automated news playback system; Final Cut Pro HD; Motion, Apple's real-time motion graphics design software; as well as a PowerMac G5.

With this kit, users can ingest from tape or an incoming feed with the IngestStation application controlling the iVDR; edit simple packages quickly with the NewsEdit systems; or use Final Cut Pro HD and Motion to finish sophisticated packages and perform audio mixing and graphic animation; and play out finished clips with the NewsQ Pro system. In fact, the Dutch broadcaster Flevoland will use Final Cut Pro HD to create promotional materials and magazine stories and the NewsEdit system for its fast-breaking news programming using a fully shared architecture.

The Post-Production Kit greatly improves post-production workflows. Using Final Cut Pro HD on two PowerMac G5s , it includes soundtrack for loop based music creation, Motion, Apple Xserve G5, and a storage area network (SAN) package that can incorporate several Grass Valley Profile(r) XP Media Platform servers or stand-alone Profile servers with a dedicated Telestream interface.

This kit also tightly integrates post-production applications with distribution broadcast servers for broadcast TV stations and production facilities. User can perform off line or/and online editing; compositing and special-effects work; graphics animation; audio creation and mixing; automatic transferal of finished packages to a distribution server; and archival, play out, distribution, and interface with a LAN or WAN network consisting of Profile servers.

Pricing and Availability

Prices for the TV Station in a Box Kit start at 18500. Prices for the News Kit start at 185,000&eur;. Prices for the Post-Production Kit start at 95,000&eur;. The kits are scheduled to be available in October, through mutual Thomson and Apple resellers.

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