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IRIDAS Demos New Version Of SpeedGrade DI at IBC (24/9/2004)

IRIDAS, a pioneer in 2K playback and Digital Intermediate technologies is presenting SpeedGrade DI at IBC2004. The new application offers full editing and conform features, compositing, and unlimited primary and secondary color grading tools - all in real time at any stage of postproduction. SpeedGrade DI establishes an efficient and cost-effective HD, 2K, and 4K workflow for digital artists, visual effects houses and post facilities.

SpeedGrade DI is compatible with existing IRIDAS playback applications used by over 10,000 artists and facilities worldwide. The toolset includes shot versioning and comparisons, an unlimited number of picture tracks, multiple playheads, vector-based masks, and integration with external hardware control panels. Material can be of any resolution and bit-depth, whether scanned from film or shot digitally.

SpeedGrade DI features non-destructive grading tracks allowing for grading setups at any point in the pipeline on individual shots, segments of the timeline, or even entire films. Grading parameters are saved as XML files and exported to FrameCycler MP so every artist can see the shots as they will appear in the finished work.

"What we are seeing here is a real breakthrough moment in the technology," said Michael Gallo, IRIDAS VP of Product Development. "The new architecture has no inherent limits: there are no limits on resolution, number of timelines, layers in a grading, masks etc. Whatever the hardware can handle, SpeedGrade DI can deliver."

"We are very gratified with the response we've been getting to SpeedGrade DI," reports IRIDAS VP Patrick Palmer. "It's clear that our total workflow approach is an idea whose time has come."

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