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KBS and Konan Technology to co-develop CORE Networked Production Infrastructure to protect against potential technical disorders (4/10/2004)

Broadcast Technical Research Institute of KBS, one of the key broadcasters in Korea, has partnered with Konan Technology and has launched a research and development plan. This plan, named the CORE Project, will develop a networked production infrastructure and work as the countermeasure against the potential technical disorders in the future.

Today's broadcasters suffer from a technical environment where many different systems and standards exist; many of them incompatible and not easily interfaced with one another. Through the CORE Project, KBS will be freed from these difficulties. The CORE Project, which stands for Common interface, Open architecture, Resource management, Enhanced network production, will allocate KBS and Konan Technology to create a future-safe unified broadcast production system. In essence, KBS will benefit from the establishment of a scalable and open-architecture platform to allow multiple legacies and ensuing systems to seamlessly interconnect. Under the assistance of Konan's technical know-how, the project promises to help KBS secure a core technology of its own as well.

Mr. Jakap Koo, President and COO of Konan Technology remarked, "We are overjoyed that KBS selected Konan Technology for this project and are delighted to contribute our understanding of broadcast and IT technology as well offering our market leading experience in return."

The CORE Project is expected to open up a whole new level of digital broadcasting. It is expected to be completed in October 2005.

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