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ProMax Releases Highly-Anticipated SATAMAXe Storage Systems (4/10/2004)

ProMax Systems, Inc., a leading digital video solutions provider to the broadcast television, digital content creation and Internet media markets, recently unveiled it's new cost-effective external serial ATA (SATA) storage solutions for Macintosh and Windows computers, the SATAMAXe-XL and SATAMAXe-HD.

The SATAMAXe-XL is one of the most cost-efficient (as low as $3.39 per GB) and fastest storage systems in the market today. Designed with content creators in mind, these systems are capable of handling up to 5 streams of real-time, 8-bit Standard Definition playback* and also free up the FireWire port to allow solutions such as the AJA Io, LA, and LD full access to the necessary bandwidth.

Combining the latest hard drive and host bus chip technology, the new SATAMAXe-XL system includes 3 or 5 removable drives that can be striped as RAID-XL to serve DV, DVCAM and Standard Definition uncompressed video. The benefit of the XL RAID is the parity protection it provides dataöif a drive fails, the data remains intact.

The SATAMAXe-HD is ProMaxÕs most economical High Definition storage solution yet. It brings RAID Level 0 performance with 3 hours of 10 bit uncompressed High Definition video for under $3,300. This 1.8 TB of usable storage allows its user to fill drives to just under maximum capacity and still obtain performance to continue output.

Both the SATAMAXe-XL and SATAMAXe-HD are available now.

*Dual G5 2.5GHz, Final Cut Pro HD, AJA Io

Suggested Retail Pricing for SATAMAXe-XL:

3 Drive Model (RAID XL) - 500 GB = $1695 5 Drive Model (RAID XL) - 1000 GB = $2195 3 Drive Model (RAID XL) - 800 GB = $2595 5 Drive Model (RAID XL) - 1600 GB = $3795 250GB SATA drive modules = $299 400GB SATA drive modules = $599

Suggested Retail Pricing for SATAMAXe-HD:

8 Drive Model (RAID 0) - 2.0TB = $3295 8 Drive Model (RAID 0) - 3.2TB = $5595

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