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Bluefish444 Announces Adobe Certification of Bluefish444 Premiere Pro 1.5 Installer (14/10/2004)

Bluefish444 announced today that its award winning range of uncompressed HD/SD SDI and SD SDI / Analog uncompressed video cards are now certified by Adobe(r) for use with Adobe(r) Premiere(r) Pro 1.5 software via the 4.1.2 Bluefish444 installer, running under Windows.

Adobe(r) Premiere(r) Pro 1.5 certified Bluefish444 hardware includes:

HD | Lust
HD | Fury
SD | Envy
Wildblue | AV

Bluefish444 offers 10 bit uncompressed Adobe(r) Premiere(r) Pro 1.5 solutions to customers requiring Analog/SD SDI, SD SDI or HD/SD SDI video interfaces via the range of certified hardware.

"Bluefish444 has a long history of supporting Adobe Premiere, with installers for Adobe Premiere 6.5, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0 and now Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5", said Craige Mott, Managing Director of Bluefish444. "Regardless of the video interface or video mode required, new and existing Bluefish444 customers can now work with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, knowing the 4.1.2 installer has passed the Adobe certification process."

Ron Nydam, Senior Product Manager for Adobe(r) Premiere(r) Pro 1.5, says, "We're very pleased that Bluefish444 has developed such extensive and stable plug ins supporting Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 with professional level cards such as the HD|Fury. There is real demand for these high-quality uncompressed solutions on the Windows platform for editing and DVD production."

HD | Lust, HD | Fury, SD | Envy and Wildblue | AV are available from authorized resellers worldwide.

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