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Video Technics Announces Apella - Feature-Packed Video Server Designed for Centralized Transmission and Shared Editing Environments (14/10/2004)

Video Technics, Inc., has announced the Apella Video Clip Sever with the latest version 2.6 software. This feature packed software version offers users a network-ready, multi-channel server with automated ingest and playout, product compatibility, new archive solutions, and failsafe on-air playout facilitating an efficient centralized workflow.

The Apella VCS centralized media database is accessible to multiple users and applications simultaneously, for an organized studio production. When media is ingested, the Apella VCS creates DV and MPEG media files along with low-res proxy clips and associated metadata. This new media is instantly available from anywhere on the network for browsing, editing and playout for a completely centralized transmission and/or shared editing environment.

Accurate time of day playout and recording are automated with the VT Scheduler. Ingesting feeds has never been easier with the new centralized database that supports multiple compression formats including DV25, DV50, and MPEG2 media up to 50Mb/s. For complete interoperability with the industries latest field acquisition products, Apella v2.6 is compatible with Panasonic's DVCPRO P2 and Sony's XDCAM.

This most recent software update provides two new solutions for seamless online, nearline and offline archiving. The VT Archive Printer offline data storage solution is networked and fully automated to deliver a highly economical production solution. The VT Archive Printer solution facilitates a high turnover of material with a unique methodology that reduces manpower through automatic archiving on flagged assets. Based on a global date trigger, all flagged assets are printed to DVD along with metadata, thumbnails, and low-res proxies to an .html file for offline browsing on any computer. The DVD label lists selected metadata fields such as date and showtime. A major benefit to this archiving process is the printed DVDs contain all the metadata with thumbnails and low-res proxies associated with each clip and can be easily browsed and reingested on most any NLE or Apella workstation.

The VT Archive Jukebox solution supports automated archive and retrieval for an all-encompassing unlimited database of storage. The "sticky" metadata is always included with archived files allowing the user to instantly locate archived media and view the low-res proxies containing the video and audio files. The hires assets are archived with the same metadata to the DVD burner for nearline retrieval storage.

Apella's new v2.6 provides enhanced features for the highest on-air reliability with an Automated Cache setting for networked media protection and a realtime Tandem Server feature, which allows the user to synchronize any two channels on the network. When a new playlist is created on the playout server media is instantly cached to the local storage preventing any loss of media during playout. If for any reason the NAS or SAN, where the media normally resides, is disabled, the Apella VCS will automatically begin to playout from the local cache storage. With the Apella Tandem Server feature, synchronized channels will be controlled with one interface and will follow the same commands in real time. Therefore, if for any reason the main playout server malfunctions, the user will be able to switch to the backup server and continue the broadcast without interruption.

Powerful network client interfaces like VT Director and VT Proxy Editor are specifically designed for remote multi-channel playout and offline editing and browsing. Distinct from other servers on the market, the Apella VCS is uniquely optimized in its component architecture to specifically support today's LAN, NAS, SAN, and WAN environments. The Apella Video Clip Server is an extremely flexible server, which can be utilized in many different applications including Tapeless Digital Newsrooms, Corporate Productions, Master Control Spot Insertion, Cable Head End Automation, and Networked Distance Learning. In addition, Apella VCS can be easily integrated into broadcast production, master control, and transmission environments using many industry-standard automation interfaces like VDCP and MOS.

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