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Video Technics Launches NewsFlow Product First Affordable Tapeless End-to-End Solution (14/10/2004)

Video Technics is now shipping NewsFlow(tm), an all-digital tapeless newsroom solution. NewsFlow reduces costs associated with VTR maintenance and tapes while increasing efficiency and control over the entire production process from ingest, editing, newsroom automation to networked storage and playout.

The Video Technics' Apella Video Clip Server (VCS) is the driving force of NewsFlow, providing a scalable and robust server for ingest and playout. Apella VCS, built on an open architecture, ingests media without the need for third party transcoding software by natively supporting OpenDML AVI, and QuickTime file formats. New media can be brought into the centralized database simultaneously through the VT Scheduler, which automatically ingests feeds based on a specific date and time, and the record interface that allows users to log clips "on-the-fly" providing access to new media for instant playout or available to editors and journalists for producing teases and packages.

Powerful asset management tools and low-resolution proxy editing are standard features that truly differentiate the NewsFlow solution from other tapeless environments. While DV and MPEG-2 media files are ingested, the Apella VCS automatically creates low-res proxy clips along with "sticky" user definable metadata fields that remain with the clips from ingest, editing, to playout and archiving.

The NewsFlow turnkey solution is certified with leading storage suppliers to optimize network control and facilitate a completely shared editing environment where everyone throughout a facility can browse and edit the same media simultaneously. This is a truly tapeless workflow and open environment utilizing the NewsFlow FireWire and Ethernet connectivity. The production process of ENG media can be performed remotely from a VT StudioPro Field Editor with the VT Proxy Editor or the Apella Plug-In, embedded within a Non-Linear Editor (NLE) such as Adobe Premiere Pro. At the broadcast facility, this same footage is immediately ingested into the centralized database and available for editing. The Apella Plug-in allows producers to browse raw media, drag and drop video and audio files into the Adobe media bin for editing. Once the package is complete, the revised media is exported directly from the Adobe Pro timeline to the Apella playout server.

For complete playout control, NewsFlow integrates with popular news automation software through the Apella TCP/IP API or MOS ActiveX functionality that is embedded within the newsroom automation client. Directors now have the ability to browse the Apella database from their automation application and drag and drop new media directly into a rundown for instant playout. The Apella VCS provides multiple channel playout in which playlists can be dynamically controlled through the Apella interface or remotely from GPI triggers, Apella API, VDCP/MOS automation, remote control panels or Apella Director software.

NewsFlow creates a smooth, reliable production, which allows Breaking News to seamlessly incorporate into live broadcast. This is a proven solution that has dramatically improved news stations such as KLRT- Fox 16, in Little Rock, AR. Michael Fabac, News Director at KLRT said, "When seconds count, we need a solution that is extremely responsive to our needs, and one that allows us to build an operation for now and the future. Video Technics had the best product with the most versatility."

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