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ADTX Increases Storage Capacity for L Series SATA RAID Systems (18/10/2004)

Advanced Technology and Systems Co., Ltd. (ADTX), a leading provider of reliable and affordable high performance computer storage, announces certification and availability of the new 400 GB SATA drives in the L Series RAID systems.

The L Series RAID system combines a 2 Gb Fibre Channel or Ultra SCSI interface with the breakthrough technology of Serial ATA (SATA) and state-of-the-art ADTX-specific features, to create a platform independent solution for demanding storage needs.

ADTX manufactures a Standard Performance and a High Performance model of the L Series RAID. The Standard Performance has typical throughput speeds that you would expect from a SATA based RAID, but at a price that makes the L Series very competitive.

High Performance versions of the L Series obtain their superior throughput levels by using large amounts of high-speed memory and a special ADTX RAID controller design that incorporates a parity generating coprocessor. Very high rates of transfer can be obtained, eliminating the need for more expensive SCSI or fibre channel drive based arrays in some applications.

L Series RAID systems are available in two versions: a single RAID controller model and a dual RAID controller model. Single controller models can be easily upgraded to dual with the simple installation of a second controller at a later date if extra redundancy or additional throughput is needed. With dual active/active fibre channel controllers, the L Series has hardware-based failover available. Dual controllers can also be run independently for maximum performance on fibre channel or SCSI.

"The recent step to making the L Series High Performance RAID the best value in its class was to incorporate 400 GB SATA drives, today, we put this capacity in place," said Naresh Chadha, ADTX President of U.S. and European Operations, "The L Series is designed to be the solution for demanding applications that need the high throughput levels and/or data replication features when using an affordable SATA RAID."

The L Series RAID benefits from the advantages of SATA hard drives, plus some extra innovations usually reserved for more expensive enterprise-class arrays. Instant Copy (hardware based), Remote Mirroring (hardware based) and PathCruise Software (multiple path failover and load balancing) are inexpensive ADTX options that provide enhanced data redundancy and other capabilities for the L Series RAID family.

L Series models with capacities up to 6 TB in a single chassis are now shipping.

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