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Panasonic Delivers The AJ-SDC615 IEEE 1394, 16:9/4:3 DVCPRO Camcorder (22/10/2004)

* AJ-SDC615's 12-Bit DSP Provides Improved Control, Functionality *

Panasonic has announced the availability of the AJ-SDC615, a new DVCPRO camcorder that offers high-sensitivity 520,000 pixel, 2/3" 3-CCDs and a built-in IEEE 1394 interface for in-field direct transfer of digital component video to a laptop nonlinear editing system.

Switchable between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, the AJ-SDC615's three 2/3" IT CCDs provide 750 lines of resolution, a high 63dB signal-to-noise ratio, a high sensitivity of F13 at 2000 lux, and low-light shooting down to 0.1 lux (at +48dB) with minimal smear. Its newly-developed 12-bit A/D DSP circuits provide improved picture quality, color reproduction and luminance gradation, and a 12-axis matrix color correction system allows very specific colors to be adjusted without affecting overall color tone.

"The AJ-SDC615 introduces 12-bit digital signal processing to the DVCPRO camera line, and with it, more control and capability," said Jan Crittenden, Product Line Business Manager, DVPRO50/DVCPRO products, Panasonic Broadcast. "Incorporating the same 16:9 chip set as the popular AJ-SDX900, the AJ-SDC615 is engineered for broadcast news and mid-level production, and all recordings are captured on the dependable, robust DVCPRO format."

This high-performance camera is equipped with a Digital Super Gain function, allowing noise-free gain in various capture rates, such as 30P, 15P and 6P (adding 6dB, 12dB and 20dB of gain, respectively). The AJ-SDC615 delivers a maximum record time of 66 minutes, and incorporates two channels of 48kHz/16-bit digital audio. At just 11 pounds fully equipped, the AJ-SDC615 is lightweight and well balanced. It also provides an electronic shutter (speeds from 1/100 to 1/2000 sec), and synchro-scan capability (1/60.3 to 1/250 sec.).

The AJ-SDC615's shooter-friendly features include Shockless White Balance, allowing the camera operator to track moving subjects from inside to outside without changing the filter position; a built-in, two-second "news pre-record" mode that facilitates unattended video recording with the camera always recording two seconds ahead of the record button (and two seconds after the camera is paused); and a tape-saving ReTake function whereby the shooter can program the camera to back up and record over the previous, unusable take.

Other versatile shooting-assist functions include: a four-position (3200K, 3200K+ 1/8ND, 5600K and 5600K+1/64ND) optical filter wheel; four built-in user scene files and three user-customizable function buttons; a marker selector function (for displaying a 4:3 marker); Super-Iris for one-button backlighting; multi-functional zebra pattern/display adjustment; SD memory card for storage of operational settings; built-in time code generator/reader with genlock; 48V phantom power for microphone inputs; low power consumption of 24W when recording; and color playback.

The AJ-SDC615 is available at a suggested list price of $14,995.

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