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Blackmagic Design announces new Down Converter and DVCPRO HD support on all DeckLink HD models (25/10/2004)

Broadcast quality HD down converter and high quality compressed DVCPRO HD video support with RT effects, suitable for HD mastering even on single ATA computer hard disks.

Blackmagic Design announced the immediate availability of DeckLink for Macintosh v4.5 software update that provides broadcast quality real time HD down conversion to standard definition on all DeckLink models, and DVCPRO HD support on all DeckLink HD models.

HD Down Conversion

All DeckLink cards are compatible with this new broadcast quality down conversion, so all DeckLink users can master HD edits to standard definition.

Even the original DeckLink $295 card is compatible with this upgrade and can play back uncompressed HD files and then down convert to standard definition. That's an ideal workflow when you're using HD for future proof mastering, but when users are delivering in standard definition. Down conversion quality is full broadcast quality, and retains full 10 bit video bit depth throughout the processing path.

DVCPRO HD Acceleration

Also included is support for DVCPRO HD compressed video, which provides an incredibly high quality compressed video capture and playback format that's suitable for online mastering, but has a data rate low enough for real time storage on standard computer ATA hard disks. This DVCPRO HD codec is included as part of Final Cut Pro HD™ and all DeckLink HD cards now fully support this format.

Often users cannot afford the expensive disk array for HD, and in this case the new DVCPRO HD feature is perfect, as it's compatible with internal ATA based computer disks, but retains high image quality.

All DeckLink HD models running on Apple Mac OS X include full acceleration for DVCPRO HD and are compatible with this v4.5 software update.

Full compatibility with Final Cut Pro HD real time effects is also an advantage of working with DVCPRO HD. The quality is extremely high and is easily good enough for online finishing.

File format is true DVCPRO HD DV100 format, you can master to any supported Panasonic DVCPRO HD broadcast deck directly via FireWire, and without any de-compression compression cycles. DVCPRO HD video uses an incredible low data rate for an online codec, and users can edit on a single ATA or FireWire disk, and you don't need the heavy disk arrays uncompressed HD files require.

DeckLink HD Family

Blackmagic Design features 4 models of dual rate HD-SDI and standard definition SDI video cards. Starting at an amazing $595, DeckLink HD is the perfect entry level SDI card for both HD and SD. Add genlock and AES audio in and out and DeckLink HD Plus is a great SDI based solution for larger systems.

DeckLink HD Pro models are available in two models, and include additional high quality analog video monitoring. DeckLink HD Pro single link 4:2:2 retails for US$1,495, and the dual link RGB 4:4:4 DeckLink HD Pro model is US$1,995. All models are shipping now, and available worldwide.

Since DeckLink HD Pro has been released, many people have marveled at the incredible quality of the RGB 10 bit 4:4:4 Blackmagic codec for editing and feature film production. Also popular has been the new high quality 14 bit analog 4:4:4 output, which allows users to monitor video at the highest quality available for digital to analog conversion.

The secret to DeckLink HD Pro's analog output quality is, unlike other off the shelf SDI to analog converters, DeckLink HD Pro's analog video output was designed from the ground up to support the quality of Dual Link 4:4:4 RGB, at the deepest 12 bits of precision as supported in the Dual Link 4:4:4 HD-SDI specification.

DeckLink for Macintosh v4.5 includes all new features and is available now from the Blackmagic Design web site at no charge.

Blackmagic DeckLink HD cards are available now from authorized Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide starting from an amazing US$595.

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