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MacroSystem CB Paint Increases The Feature Set And Creative Capability Of The Casablanca Editor (26/10/2004)

CBPaint increases the feature set and creative capability of the Casablanca digitial video editor!

CBPaint, developed by TV-Paint, a renowned French developer, is a full-blown Casablanca graphics/moving video editing package that interfaces with the Casablanca SMART EDIT system. You can import and export video scenes and stills and use the sheer power of CBPaint to create animations, effects of any kind and text titles that are unlimited in look, design and movement - even in 3D.

The system can be used to create your own graphics with some of the amazing, built-in functions, while a timeline is used to create video sequences that can later be ex-ported to the Storyboard. Output is to a VGA screen (for the interface) and to the video monitor for the result. This software package opens up Casablanca for true high-end professionals.

CBPaint is sold with a professional grade, touch sensitive Wacom Intuous2 graphics tablet that is essential to maximize the capabilities of CP Paint. CB Paint is also available as software only for those customers who already own a Wacom Intuous2 tablet (other tablet models will not operate with CB Paint).

Here are some highlights of CBPaint:

Real-Time Video Paint - The paint system that is pixel accurate includes features like animated brushes, multiple drawing and paint tools, filling, video tools and advanced text tools.

Animation System - The animation interface is layer-based. It includes powerful keyframing and motion path tools. The CBPaint artist can use an unlimited number of video layers.

Layer Manipulation - All layers work like independant layers of glass. You can paint on top or behind a layer. The layer structure can be modified. A layers can "influence" another layer by using powerful keying effects or tools like four-point pixel tracking or two-point image stabilization.

Color Correction - Multiple color- and image correction tools.

Effects - Select from a huge number of video-effects like light, volumetric light, plasma effects, perlin noise, mirror, cloning, mosaic, negative, noise, sharpen, warp-effects, to create stunning visual effects.

CB Paint requirements:

Kron, Prestige or Solitaire
256 MB RAM
VGA3 mode

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