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Sonic Studio Releases First OS X–Native Application (26/10/2004)

Company Begins Shipment of New, Low Cost Premastering Tool to Top Labels & Optical Disc Replicators

Sonic Studio, LLC, the leader in ultra–fidelity production products for audio professionals, today announced that they will commence volume shipment in November of the first DDP utility for the Macintosh platform.

SS•DDP is a cost effective utility for manipulation, validation and regeneration of Compact Disc (CD) metadata. Its simplified interface eliminates prior training to use, even for temporary staff, while the low cost of entry ensures that departmental budgets won't be strained. In fact, SS•DDP is the least expensive DDP–enabled premastering utility available.

Despite the low cost, SS•DDP provides the well known power of SonicStudio's full PQ code functionality for Red Book along with the streamlined NGC user interface. SS•DDP also assures flawless replication of CD titles by validating and correcting incoming DDP file sets on the fly. The software always creates a fully compliant disc image, even from erroneous source files. DDP or Disc Description Protocol, created by Cushing, Oklahoma–based Doug Carson & Associates, Inc., is an industry standard that dictates the format, organization and "packaging" of software assets into file sets tailored for optical disc replication.

SS•DDP is designed to repurpose existing assets quickly and easily. "SS•DDP allows content holders to monetize moribund assets, which fits into our strategy of offering a family of products targeted at ILM for anyone who produces content," said Jon Reichbach, president of Sonic Studio. ILM or Integrated Lifecycle Management, is an Information Technology (IT) term that describes a wrap around or holistic approach to content creation, management and use rather than the piecemeal procedures often dictated by logistical or budgetary necessity.

In keeping with Sonic Studio's best practices approach to optimized production, they have chosen the Apple Macintosh platform for its outstanding ease of use, interoperability, stability and security. SS•DDP is a native OS X application and the first in a series of focused products designed specifically for the audio professional.

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