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Canopus Announces Let's CREATE DVD For Affordable MPEG and HDV Editing and DVD Authoring (26/10/2004)

Canopus Corporation, a recognised leader in MPEG codec technologies, today announced Let's CREATE DVD, a new application for videographers that unites fast, frame-accurate MPEG and HDV editing with DVD authoring capabilities into a single, easy-to-use and affordable software solution.

Let's CREATE DVD includes precision tools that let videographers cut, stitch, mix and assemble MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and HDV 720p video clips while preserving their original video quality. Let's CREATE DVD also lets users import video clips directly from DVDs and includes audio controls for adjusting audio levels and audio/video synchronisation for perfect playback.

"Let's CREATE DVD is a terrific solution for corporate and event videographers," said Robert Sharp, general manager at Canopus. "Let's CREATE DVD provides the tools for quick editing, menu creation and DVD burning and even supports the new HDV format. All this makes Let's CREATE DVD a handy tool for most videographers."

Once an MPEG sequence is edited, Let's CREATE DVD's authoring capabilities let users burn their projects directly to disc or generate the necessary system files for future DVD authoring. Users can manually insert chapter points or automatically create them at scene changes within the video. Let's CREATE DVD also lets users quickly create menus using Let's CREATE DVD's templates and presets or easily import custom buttons and menu styles. DVD titles can be authored to repeat playback indefinitely, which is ideal for advertising kiosks, information booths and presentations.

Let's CREATE DVD includes Canopus's To MPEG Tool, a handy utility that provides high-quality MPEG capabilities such as multiplexing and demuxing of MPEG content, upscaling of MPEG-1 video to MPEG-2 video, and DV AVI-to-MPEG encoding.

Let's CREATE DVD supports Storm Encoder, the hardware MPEG encoder found on Canopus's DVStorm2 series of video capture boards, allowing for real-time MPEG encoding directly from the Let's CREATE DVD timeline to a wide range of DVD recordable drives.

Pricing and Availability

Let's CREATE DVD supports Windows 2000 Professional (SP2 or higher), Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional and is available as a download from the Canopus Web site at for a suggested retail price of 35.00. Registered users of Canopus MPEGcraft DVD and MPEGcraft/HomeEdge can upgrade to Let's CREATE DVD for a special upgrade price of 26.00. (Prices are inclusive of VAT)

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