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Canopus Announce Let's EDIT 2 For Realtime Editing and Instant DVD Creation (26/10/2004)

Canopus today announced Let's EDIT 2, an update to its line of Let's EDIT video editing solutions for video enthusiasts. Let's EDIT 2 video editing software delivers powerful capabilities, including direct-to-DVD burning from the timeline, capture and seamless editing of mixed DV, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video formats, real-time DV output, as well as a redesigned, user-friendly interface. Like its predecessor, Let's EDIT 2 is optimised for today's faster computer systems to provide video enthusiasts with the real-time performance previously found only in professional video editing solutions.

Let's EDIT 2 also features new CD ripping capabilities to let users easily add music to their movies, AVI2 support for capturing long video clips, and a MPEG Speed Index feature for quick scanning and frame-accurate editing of MPEG video.

"Let's EDIT 2 is a performance breakthrough for video enthusiasts who want fast, easy-to-use real-time editing and streamlined DVD-Video burning for a low price," said Hiro Yamada, founder and chairman of the board of Canopus. "Video enthusiasts now have the power and features to give home movies a professional look using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface."

Let's EDIT 2 is a fast, stable and easy-to-use solution that offers high-end features, including real-time movie-style effects, real-time 2D and 3D transitions, with multiple real-time video, title and graphics layers. By incorporating Canopus's acclaimed video editing technologies, Let's EDIT 2 delivers breakthrough real-time performance, so there is no waiting to preview video creations. Let's EDIT 2 also supports real-time DV output using any standard OHCI FireWire port.

The real-time video editing and effects capabilities in Let's EDIT 2 include sophisticated movie-style effects such as Old Movie, Blur, Pencil Sketch and colour correction; 2D and 3D transitions, including 3D Dissolve, Cube Spin and Page Peel; and customisable effects, including professional-looking green-screen tool, Picture-in-Picture and fast/slow motion control. Let's EDIT 2 also offers two video tracks for real-time mixing and playback of up to three video clips at the same time, as well as simultaneous title and graphics track controls.

Once the video project is complete, Let's EDIT 2 features direct-to-DVD burning capabilities that let users create a final DVD of their production in minutes. Let's EDIT 2 also features a range of additional export format options to create clips ideal for email and the Web.

Pricing, Availability and Upgrades

Let's EDIT 2 supports Windows XP and will be available the end of this week from Canopus authorised dealers for a suggested retail price of 99.00. Current registered users of Let's EDIT can upgrade to Let's EDIT 2 for 35.00. (Prices are inclusive of VAT)

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