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Primatte Keyer from Red Giant Software Now Available for Avid AVX and Combustion (27/10/2004)

Red Giant Software today announced that Primatte Keyer now supports Avid non-linear editing systems and Discreet combustion 3 desktop compositing software. Previously only available as an After Effects plug-in, Primatte Keyer‚s enhanced versatility adds increased functionality to the production pipeline of independent filmmakers and visual effects artists.

Primatte Keyer, published under exclusive agreement with Photron USA, enables users to extract keys from any colour background. The software overcomes matte extraction challenges including uneven lighting, subtle shadows, and edge light contamination (spill) prior to compositing. Capabilities include:

- Use the mouse to sample foreground and background areas, eliminate spill, and correct imprecise edges and transparency.
- Generate mattes by pulling a key from any colour background.
- Adjust properties of sampled foreground colour to remove spill using enhanced detail and transparency adjustments.
- Key transparent objects such as hair, water, and smoke without endless hours of additional tweaking.

"Making Primatte Keyer available in Avid and combustion was a top feature request from our users. Primatte Keyer's tools are a perfect complement to professional editing and compositing capabilities helping to dramatically improve workflow efficiency," said Sean Safreed, Senior Product Manager at Red Giant Software.

Pricing and Availability

Three versions of Primatte Keyer v1.6 are available now:

- Primatte Keyer for Adobe After Effects and Discreet combustion 3 (£295 (€425))
- Primatte Keyer AVX for Avid Media Composer Adrenaline (£575 (€825))
- Primatte Keyer Editors for Avid Xpress Pro (£295 (€425))

Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

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