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Easy SA-CD disc creation for Macintosh users with Philips plug-in for Pro Tools (28/10/2004)

Philips launches its new DSD plug-in for users of the Digidesign Pro Tools(r) Digital Audio Workstations on the Macintosh platform. The DSD plug-in is offered both as a separate plug-in as well as in combination with the SA-CD Creator application as the SA-CD Creator Pack for Macintosh. The total solution allows quick, costeffective creation of SA-CD disc images and cutting masters, supporting studios and record labels in bringing their new Super Audio CD titles to the market.

This latest version of Philips' DSD plug-in converts PCM audio (2, 5 or 6 channels) into the DSD files required for SA-CD mastering, bringing easy SA-CD creation to the majority of studios and mastering houses using Macintosh computers. It complements the Philips DSD plug-in version for Windows(r)-based PC platforms, which was introduced at the AES Convention held in Berlin, Germany, last May and has already been acclaimed for its fast, easy operation.

"The new SA-CD Creator Pack now offers the ideal solution for the thousands of studios that use Digidesign's Pro Tools workstations on the Macintosh platform," said Jos Bruins, Director of Marketing of Philips Intellectual Property & Standards. "Many of these studios now want to take recorded digital audio sound quality to the next level with the high-resolution Super Audio CD format. The combination of Pro Tools with our SA-CD Creator Pack gives them an affordable, end-to-end solution that provides full in-house control of the process of creating their SA-CD disc images and cutting masters."

David Gibbons, Digidesign's Director of Product Marketing, welcomed the introduction of SA-CD Creator Pack for Pro Tools users. "Our Pro Tools LE and HD products give our customers fully featured audio production solutions. With its outstanding sound quality and realism, Super Audio CD is an extremely valuable complement to Pro Tools. The availability of the specific DSD output plug-in for the Macintosh platform shows Philips' commitment to bring a powerful SA-CD mastering capability to the vast majority of music production studios, where Pro Tools already has a large and growing user base."

Thanks to its breakthrough sound quality and multichannel 5.1 surround format, Super Audio CD has won strong acclaim from both performing artists and audiophiles alike. Its state-of-theart DSD (Direct Stream Digital) technology delivers a more natural sound, faithfully rendering every nuance of the original performance, which has led to numerous landmark releases on SA-CD by some of the world's most pre-eminent performers.

Ensuring efficient distribution and easy availability to users, the Philips SA-CD Creator Pack with DSD plug-in will be distributed in the USA by Sonic Studio, LLC, a world-leading developer and supplier of PCM and DSD digital audio workstations, signal processing applications and software tools for professionals who record, mix and master music, film and television soundtrack and multimedia titles. They will offer the Philips DSD Plug-in for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms, as well as SA-CD Creator application and other Philips SA-CD solutions.

In Europe, Philips SA-CD solutions are distributed by MediArte GmbH. MediArte is a division of TransTec B.V. located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and has resellers over a wide range of countries in Europe.

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