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Euphonix Introduces Two New Control Surfaces that Integrate with DAWs (28/10/2004)

Euphonix adds the System 5-MC console and the MC Intelligent Application Controller as part of their end-to-end production solution

Euphonix will announce two new additions to their mixing console product line as part of an end-to-end solution for audio post and music markets.

The MC 'Intelligent Application Controller', which was shown in concept form at last years' AES, will be presented in its final form as a sophisticated work-surface targeted for use with professional PC applications. The MC gives users high-speed control of not only EuCon aware applications, such as Nuendo and Pyramix, but also PC applications via keystroke commands programmed into the MC's LCD display SmartSwitches. The MC's programmable buttons switch functions with each different application running on the host PC for unrivalled speed of operation. MC includes a 7.1 monitor section, twin trackballs, standard full-size keyboard, 8 programmable knobs, 4 full-throw touch sensitive moving faders - or optionally twin joy sticks - and 56 programmable LCD SmartSwitches together with a small touch screen for fast access to the unit's programmable features.

The System 5-MC is targeted at workstation centric clients who want a professional workstation surface and the tactile control and visual feedback of a high-end mixing console. The "hand and glove" fit between the DAW and surface is accomplished using Euphonix's high-speed EuCon protocol. The console can be fitted with 16 to 48 faders and is aimed at audio post-production and music production markets with systems starting at under $100,000. The DAW provides all recording, editing and mixing processing directly controlled from the System 5-MC.

The System 5-MC console surface includes an MC, for control of the workstation's editing and recording capabilities together with master facility control including monitoring. The System 5-MC also includes newly designed System 5 channel modules that have 8 touch-sensitive knobs per channel and hi-res TFT displays for metering, channel routing, and signal processing graphics. The System 5-MC includes a high performance PC running the EuCon application. The System 5-MC can be supplied with Euphonix I/O via PCI MADI cards although the user can select any I/O that is supported by the ASIO drivers of the EuCon DAW application.

Steinberg's Nuendo and Merging's Pyramix are the first software applications to support this protocol and will be available when the System 5-MC ships in Spring 2005. The integration with Pyramix uses a communications bridge between EuCon and Merging's 'OASIS' control protocol.

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