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SADiE Version V5.3 Software Now Shipping (3/11/2004)

- SADiE puts the emphasis firmly on post with new V5.3 multi-track features for post and music applications -

SADiE announces the immediate availability of software version V5.3 for the SADiE Series 5 range of digital audio workstations. Timed to coincide with the availability of the new SADiE PCM-H64 large-scale multi-track post production DAW, V5.3 introduces many powerful new multi-track editing features. These expanded capabilities will not only further enhance usage of the H64, but will also be available for the existing Series 5 range of workstations.

Announced earlier in the year, this release version of V5.3 has been further enhanced with a number of extra features in addition to those originally unveiled.

A brief summary of the new features available in SADiE software version V5.3, including key "multi-track" and video style functions, are as follows:

Support for new SADiE hardware platforms the PCM-H64, BB2 , BB2-J, PCM2
Multi-track editing in Playlist Edit Stream grouping.
AAF - V1.1 Edit Protocol updates. *
CD ripping interface (with automatic sample rate conversion where required).
Dither Window.
Support for mixing consoles and controllers including Mackie HUI controller, Yamaha DM2000,O2R96 & O1V96, SSL AWS 900, SmartAV Smart Console etc.
AVI Video option - new Matrox card video sync enhancements. *
9-pin slave option. *
Automation line drawing enhancements.
New 'Duck' function Pro Tools 5.0 interchange option. *
Locator enhancements - slip, display of named locators, Locator table.
Copy External Source Tracks + Copy and Import Source Tracks
Automatic Sample Rate Convert on Import

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