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SADiE Announces PCM2 Portable USB2.0 Connected Editing System (3/11/2004)

Announced earlier this year and enthusiastically received by broadcasters worldwide, the BB2 is a radical new product from SADiE targeted primarily at the radio broadcast market. Utilizing a USB2.0 interface, it can be quickly added to any modern Laptop or Desktop host PC running Windows˝ XP. Designed into a stylish casing incorporating a newly designed powerful DSP sub-system, the fully portable SADiE BB2 is easy to install and with it's simplified user interface, provides an innovative cost-effective solution for all broadcasters. Connections are provided for analogue i/o, SPDIF digital i/o, headphone output and stereo microphone input.

Based on the design of the SADiE BB2, the BB2-J version combines all of the audio i/o capability and functionality of the BB2 with a fully functional Jog Wheel controller, together with core function buttons. The BB2-J has been ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) exacerbated by constant use of a mouse in repetitive editing operations.

Driven by customer demand, SADiE has now introduced the PCM2 - a more fully featured version of SADiE V5.3, which is based on the BB2-J hardware. The new system is capable of running a much larger feature set similar to more powerful systems within the SADiE Series 5 DAW family, to extend the choice available to the broadcaster and other end-users

"Our broadcast customers have received the BB2 and BB2-J with great enthusiasm", commented Joe Bull, SADiE M.D. "Having realized the possibilities of what could be achieved in the field with such an innovative product, we were inevitably asked if we could provide a more fully-featured version for more specialized applications. The PCM2 combines all of the convenience and portability of the BB2-J with the extended features of SADiE V5.3 software to provide a powerful yet cost-effective solution".

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