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SADiE And CEDAR Announce the Imminent Availability of Multichannel CEDAR Retouch v3 for SADiE Series 5 Workstations (3/11/2004)

SADiE & CEDAR Audio announce the imminent availability of CEDAR Retouch(tm) v3 for the SADiE Series 5 range of digital audio workstations.

CEDAR Retouch(tm) v3 is a huge leap forward for the audio Retouch(tm) technology developed by CEDAR Audio and first introduced in 2002. It offers users many new features:

* multi-channel operation (view and Retouch up to 64 channels) * multi-selection for multiple Retouches in a single operation * copy audio, moving freely in both time and frequency * a unique patching mode for replacing bad audio with good audio * a choice of overwriting or mixing the original and Retouched sound * positive as well as negative gain in the Retouched region * real-time auditioning of the Retouched audio

All of these are integrated seamlessly into the original, award-nominated user-interface, maintaining the simplicity, speed and productivity of earlier versions, but with greatly enhanced functionality. For example, users can now mark all the harmonics of a wrong note, suppressing, removing, or even correcting them with a single click of the mouse. Flawless elimination of complex noises is also quicker and easier than ever, and the new features make it possible to edit small regions of audio in ways that have never before been possible.

Commenting on the new development, SADiE Sales & Marketing Director Geoff Calver added, " CEDAR Retouch was hailed as a major innovation when we launched it two years ago and was enthusiastically adopted by our customers. Once again we are able to continue our strong association with CEDAR Audio by bringing the added value benefits of multichannel capability and further improvements in Retouch v3 to our users."

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