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Steinberg Premiers Nuendo 3 (5/11/2004)

Steinberg, the Audio Group of Pinnacle Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: PCLE) is excited to announce the latest version of its acclaimed Nuendo Media Production System software. Nuendo 3 offers new features and technologies for top-level professionals in post production, surround mixing and high-end studio recording, editing, and mixing.

"Nuendo 3 represents a step into a new era of digital audio workstations," states Steinberg's General Manager, Andreas Stelling. "This version will turn the inroads Nuendo has been making in top-flight post production and recording studios worldwide into highways. And we will continue to focus on these customers in future versions of Nuendo."

"Our guiding principle in designing this new version was providing better solutions to the day-in, day-out issues facing today's audio professionals," adds Lars Baumann, Steinberg's Senior Product Manager for Nuendo. "We want to provide the most flexible, open and technologically advanced media production system available today, and we believe Nuendo 3 is exactly that," he continues.

Post Production

Nuendo 3 sees a marked strengthening of functionality for post production in cinema, DVD and video. "Out of the box" import and export of a huge variety of file formats include the AAF (Advanced Authoring Format), providing project transfer to and from other DAW and video editing systems, as well as current industry standard exchange formats such as OMF, OpenTL and AES31. Integration of Pinnacle's X-Send protocol allows video projects completed in Liquid to be imported directly into Nuendo 3, ready for audio post. Nuendo 3 also introduces a new set of Media Management tools that allow fast, easy handling of large audio file libraries from the Nuendo Pool, including file categorization, batch file-naming and extended search functionality. The new Warp To Picture feature offers a uniquely quick and efficient approach to synchronizing audio to picture by allowing the real-time time stretching of audio material with simultaneous real-time tracking of the corresponding video track.

Mixing and Surround

Building on the advanced surround architecture already implemented in Nuendo 2, the latest Nuendo version adds refinements for surround producers including a new MixConvert plug-in, the powerful yet discrete Linked Panners feature and many other innovations. An innovative new mixing feature is the new Audition Channel, which provides flexible new monitoring options including both after and pre-fader listen modes, allowing instant monitoring of any audio channel while leaving the signal routed to the main mix bus untouched. Integrating external effects equipment is now simple thanks to the new External Effect Plug-in, which allows the direct integration of outboard effects within the Nuendo 3 VST Mixer - including delay compensation.


Since its introduction to the professional audio market in 1999, Nuendo has become the workhorse of many recording studios around the globe. Nuendo 3 sees the introduction of new functionality that cements its reputation as one of the leading recording, editing and mixing DAW products available. Real-time Audio Warp time stretching and pitch shifting allows instant re-molding of audio material to dynamically adapt to project tempo in real-time, and also offers lightning fast, quality drum timing correction. The convenient 10-minute pre-record function automatically records all audio routed to Nuendo 3, even if the record function is not enabled, so a take is never missed.

Pricing and availability

Nuendo 3 will be available for $1999.99 USD MSRP in December 2004.

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