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Digital Vision Introduces Next Generation Valhall System (5/11/2004)

User-friendly, low cost control system improves efficiency in color correction and restoration suites

Digital Vision, the leader in image processing for post-production, today introduced the latest generation of its Valhall Colour Grade system. Valhall is a comprehensive color correction system for tape and disk-based image processing applications. The system is designed to be very flexible and to improve the performance and productivity of operators.

Color correction is a time-consuming process requiring large investments in creative talent, equipment and infrastructure. The workflow at post-production facilities and internal facilities at television networks, studios, government agencies, and other content owners therefore must be as efficient as possible without compromising the quality of the results. Valhall contributes to highly efficient, productive operations in a post-production environment. It is particularly well suited to environments that do not require telecine control, including restoration of library materials and processing of video-originated ("electronic capture") program material, including sitcom, feature film, documentary or dramatic footage shot with the latest generation of 24P cameras.

Valhall Colour Grade is a highly configurable, low cost and high quality environment for a wide variety of color correction, image restoration and enhancement applications. The system provides a highly ergonomic, user-friendly interface that each operator can easily customize and manage. New users (including experienced colorists who are familiar with legacy systems and new operators) can learn the system quickly and begin doing productive work almost immediately due to the system's short learning curve.

Valhall Colour Grade incorporates the Digital Vision ACP Color Corrector and can also control all Digital Vision image processing and enhancement options, as well as third party products like VTRs and disk recorders.

Valhall runs on a Microsoft Windows XP platform and the user interface utilizes familiar Windows paradigms for all functions. A key benefit to the operator is Valhall's fully user-configurable control environment. The user can re-assign the function of nearly every button, knob, trackball and master ring in the system. The system stores each user's set of control assignments in a template file that can be recalled in a few seconds.

Valhall comes with three control panels (Colour, Media and Image) that can be configured in a variety of positions dependent on the operator's preferences. Each panel is multi-functional and almost every control is user-definable.

In most user environments, the Valhall Colour Grade system is accessed by more than one operator. Each operator has his or her own style, look and preferences. To ensure that the Valhall system can be successfully adapted to a variety of user environments Digital Vision has incorporated Advanced User Profiles for each individual operator. This is truly the core to the system's flexibility. The Advanced User Profiles ensure that every function, operations, processing option and edit control is exactly where the operator expects it to be.

Valhall offers an optional, fully integrated still store and controls. The Vallhall still store is completely integrated into the system and does not require any external controls or hardware. Valhall's EDL and/or Timeline (along with associated metadata) are the core elements that are generated and saved by Valhall. The Vertical EDL and Horizontal Timeline functions can be used simultaneously.

Valhall's Note function uses thumbnails for its organization and storing of processing parameters. Each Note can be saved specifically for the operator, shared by all users, or saved to a particular project. Valhall's Project Manager enables the system to manage multiple projects being completed by many different users.

Valhall's integrated Rapid Edit Controller streamlines the most common editing functions into the compact Valhall Media Panel and incorporates several enhanced editing functions within the systems EDL to accelerate common editing functions and quick insert edits. Valhall incorporates an editing system that can quickly insert hundreds of highlighted edits on the fly with the touch of a single button; this results in a significant time savings to the operator when asked at a later time to perform fixes, adjustments or tweaks to a particular title.

Valhall Colour Grade supports the following image formats: 4:2:2 YUV, 4:4:4 YUV and 4:4:4 RBG in 525i, 625i, 1080i, and 1080PsF.

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