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Fairlight Introduces DREAM Suite Studio Package (15/11/2004)

Complete studio package includes a fully featured 48 track DAW, Station Plus fully automated 56 channel 24 buss Surround sound Mixing, Creamware plug-ins with 80 plug-in suite license, networking and Pyxis NLV video system;

"DREAM Suite offers more and costs less than any comparable package," says Fairlight Sales & Marketing Director, Stuart Demarais. "And because it includes a truly integrated mixer/DAW solution as opposed to the disparate component alternatives, sound for picture professionals are assured of great sound and intuitive operation."

In a move to provide sound for picture professionals across a wide variety of businesses with the most comprehensive mixing and editing tools in a turnkey, cost-effective package, Fairlight today unveiled DREAM Suite at the 117th AES Convention. DREAM Suite includes a fully featured 48-track DAW, StationPLUS fully automated 56 channel/24 buss surround sound mixing, Creamware plug-ins with 80 plug-in suite license, networking and Pyxis NLV video system.

Available under Fairlight's DREAM SUITE Lease program, audio professionals are able to quickly and conveniently acquire Fairlight technology with little more that a personal credit check and a simple one-page application form - with a guaranteed a response within 48-hours. Customers may also apply for the DREAM SUITE 90-day deferred payment option, allowing audio professionals to begin earning revenue with their DREAM Suite installed well before the first payment is due and with an assurance that interest rates are amongst the lowest in the industry. Monthly payments are initially estimated at $1,750.00.

"Listening to our sound for picture customers in all of the markets Fairlight serves, we've seen a commonality in the various tools used," noted Fairlight Sales & Marketing Director, Stuart Demarais.

"DREAM Suite bundles these products into an end-to-end package, includes the additional assurance of integration and support and comes at a significantly lower cost of ownership that any competitive system."

The DREAM Suite is available for all confirmed orders until January 31st 2005. The DREAM Suite Package includes 1 QDC Engine fitted with two QDC Cards; 1 Fairlight Station Controller and a single Sidecar fader panel and Main Meter panel; 3 AES EBU Digital audio cards (24 Channels); 1 Speaker analog output card ( 8 channels); 1 Analog Input card (8 Channels); 1 Plug-ins card (6 DSP); 1 External PC; 1 License for plug-ins (80 plug-in Creamware library); 1 Media-Link Node license and 1 Pyxis NLV License including Coms card.

"Never before in the world of professional audio has this advanced level of performance and integration been matched with such impressive value," added Rod Revilock, President of MediaGear, the Fairlight distributor in the North American market. "At MediaGear, we're confident the double impact of DREAM Suite and Studio XPress Lease make Fairlight truly a sound choice for sound professionals and we anticipate immediate and vigorous acceptance of the program."

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