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Lightworks in Hollywood: An Editing Icon Resurfaces (22/11/2004)

New Office Spotlights Return of Lightworks Nonlinear Editing System -- Underscores Commitment to Los Angeles Film Industry

Lightworks UK announces the opening of its new offices at the lot in Hollywood. The office will be responsible for sales and support of the company's innovative Touch nonlinear editing system as well as Geevs Broadcast Server products from its parent company, Gee Broadcast Systems. "We opened the office here because it connects us, both practically and symbolically to our core constituency, the Hollywood creative community" states Lightworks' Stephen Goldsmith, VP - Sales and Operations. Goldsmith sees the selection of the lot (the former Warner Hollywood property) as a noteworthy choice for showcasing a product so well-established in the world of filmmaking, "The environment here exudes the energy of the filmmaking experience. Creating a presence at this historic and vital site highlights our commitment to the film industry."

The Lightworks Touch nonlinear editing system, originally introduced in 2002, is being shown at the new facility. The system is faster, with more features, than its Academy award-winning predecessor, Lightworks Turbo. "It's engineered for what an editor spends 90% of their time doing -- which is storytelling," remarks Goldsmith, "It's faster for accessing material and more intuitive in how you build scenes and create magic." With a thorough knowledge of film processes, combined with an intimate understanding of what editors want and need, Lightworks has maintained a global reputation for supplying superior, efficient editing tools. Editors familiar with the original Lightworks interface will have an instant understanding of Touch. For editors accustomed to working with a keyboard and mouse, the Touch console controller is a fast, easy and powerful alternative. "Nothing operates as swiftly as this console," adds editor Gael Chandler, author of the book "Cut by Cut," "but, if an editor prefers a keyboard, the Touch keys can be programmed in standardized or individualized formats."

Touch is designed for exacting, prolific editing. It has a powerful tool-set which allows editors to arrange their own workflow. A real-time effects package comes with the system, which also supports Adobe compatible plug-ins The latest version, Touch V2.O, extends plug-in support to provide a virtually unlimited range of effects as well as timeline audio leveling, EQ control, Stripview enhancements and a new, faster and more robust Editing Engine.

"It's a very responsive, streamlined system," continues Chandler, "You have instant access to the material on the stripview (timeline) and can move around easily, with the ability to trim any track when and where you wish. The stripview becomes your friend, which is the joy of Lightworks!"

Lightworks Touch systems are currently being used on major film releases worldwide including: "The Aviator," "Monster-In-Law" and "The Phantom of the Opera." Adds Goldsmith, "With the Touch system, Lightworks has fully realized its commitment to putting the editor in complete control. We hope that many of our old friends and new converts will come by to see all that we have to offer."

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