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Obedia Provides Professional Technical Expertise (22/11/2004)

Obedia, the premier provider of professional technical expertise to digital media artists in the music and pro audio community, launches operations November 1st.

Obedia services include:

* Client consultations, ensuring the client purchases the best DAW system to suit their needs.
* Seamlessly integrating DAW systems into a client's workflow and ensuring everything works
* Maintenance contracts and regular checkups to make sure that everything is updated, inventoried, archived and running correctly, preventing any major problem happening in the future.
* 24/7 technical support nationally and internationally by phone, and onsite at the clients location in our coverage area which includes:
Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego
New York
San Francisco

"This is a service that has been desperately needed in the music and pro audio industry for a long time" says Steve Garth, former President of Steinberg North America, and co founder of Obedia, " It doesn't matter if a person is trying out their first program at home, or if it's a professional working from a multi million dollar facility, they need to be able to contact one place, any time of day or night, to get help when they run into a problem. Obedia is that place and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction."

Obedia is founded by Fred Maher, Jayce Murphy, Steve Garth and has over 40 technical experts nationwide, all specialists in their field, available around the clock to support all the major products DAW owners use.

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