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Hammer to Distribute Infortrend's Cost-effective Disk Storage Solutions Aimed at Sequential Data Environments (26/11/2004)

Leading Storage Distributor Delivers RAID Specialist's Revolutionary Next-Generation SATA-II

Disk-quality storage for the price of tape will become a reality as Hammer spearheads the distribution of second-generation Serial ATA (SATA) RAID storage systems from Infortrend. The leading distributor is to supply the new Fibre Channel, rackmount, host EonStor A16F-G2221, U320 SCSI host EonStor A16U-G2421 and EonStor A08U-C2410 Cube subsystems to organisations using sequential data.

These solutions are the first external RAID systems to the market which support the new SATA-II standard. With communication to drives at up to 3Gb/s and features such as native command queuing, these solutions enable future-proof investment.

The A08U-C2410 RAID subsystem in a convertible desktop or tower Cube is the first SATA-II array from Infortrend and also offers across-the-board compatibility by supporting SATA-I and parallel ATA drives. The new convertible Cube provides cascading by stacking a maximum of four desktop enclosures together to create capacity expansion up to 12TB.

With more than 6TB of storage apiece, the EonStor A16F-G2221 and A16U-G2421 each more than double the performance of the previous controller design, delivering higher performance at low cost. Performance benchmark tests demonstrate sequential performance in sustained writes of more than 300MB/s and reads of up to 450MB/s making this suitable for real time HD editing.

"Infortrend's revolutionary SATA-II products are what sequential data users needing improved quality, increased capacity and better value for money have been waiting for", comments Paul Hickingbotham, Hammer. "They are ideal for all those who demand critical live and recorded video and telemetry data at disk quality for the price of tape."

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