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Digital Heaven announces Multicam Lite - first multicamera editing solution for Final Cut Pro (6/12/2004)

Digital Heaven is excited to announce Multicam Lite, the first ever multicamera editing solution for Apple1s Final Cut Pro. With its innovative and streamlined interface, Multicam Lite makes it easier than ever to cut up to three cameras in real time.

"Multicam has consistently topped the LAFCPUG (Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group) poll of Final Cut Pro feature requests. There have been various workarounds for simulating a multicam feature in FCP but they are no substitute for seeing all the camera clips play simultaneously and being able to live cut between them. Multicam Lite makes it possible." - Martin Baker, Managing Director

Multicam Lite is a standalone application which works in conjunction with Final Cut Pro (v4.1 and later) for the input and output of sequences via XML files. DV, DVCPRO25 or OfflineRT source clips can be directly used by the software and there are comprehensive trimming and camera swapping features built in. When the cut is finished, the XML file is imported back into FCP where all the cuts are automatically recreated ready for further effects work or output.

Multicam Lite is currently in beta test and is expected to be shipping in December. The software will be available for download purchase from our online store for just $295.

Today we are also announcing that Multicam Lite's big brother, Multicam Pro, is currently in development. Multicam Pro will be able to use up to 20 cameras and has additional features to cater for the most demanding multicamera projects. Multicam Pro is expected to be shipping in Q1 2005.

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