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Wired Previews Mason HD Precision MPEG Decoder (15/12/2004)

The Mason HD is a professional MPEG decoder and playback card for the Macintosh. Designed for the most demanding applications, Mason HD allows you to decode and preview MPEG streams to an external SD or HD monitor via s-video, component or DVI outputs. The Mason HD can decode MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streams at bitrates up to 45 mbps.

Precision Preview

Video and DVD pros have long known that the only way to see what encoded video really looks like is to view it on a TV; seeing it on a computer screen is just not the same. Viewing MPEG on a computer monitor is also hampered by limitations of the software-based decoding engines that are used in most playback and preview systems. The Mason HD solves both problems by letting you view your MPEG streams on the monitor of your choice, and by handling the decoding and color space conversion in hardware.

Integrates with MediaPress Encoders

For users of Wired MediaPress encoding systems, the Mason HD adds full realtime hardware preview while encoding. It's now possible to make color and image adjustments on-the-fly and see just how they'll look on your finished DVD.

Professional Outputs

Featuring composite, s-video, component and DVI outputs, the Mason HD can display MPEG streams to everything from a standard consumer TV to high resolution projectors and LCD displays. The built-in scaler can output SD or HD material to 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p and 1080i.

Digital Audio

Besides the awesome video output capabilities, the Wired Mason HD features a SP/DIF digital output for connection to external decoders for DTS and Dolby audio.


The Mason HD will be available in the first quarter of 2005. Pricing and configuration options TBD.

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