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SGO Announces the Release of Mistika 1.5 (13/1/2005)

SGO is proud to announce the release of Mistika 1.5. The newest editing and compositing technology. This version is available for maintenance customers in the sgo web page ( and will be distributed throw your local reseller.

Mistika 1.5 fully supports Linux and Irix operating systems.

Mistika is the most advanced digital post-production environment that integrates non-linear editing and unlimited multilayered compositing in a simple fast system. It's intuitive and gestural interface allows clients to be productive immediately and turns editors and compositors into artists.

Easy to use and versatile, Mistika's open architecture will take advantage of existing workflows and infrastructure. It allows to accept any job and deliver in any format as it is completely configurable in terms of resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio and interlacing. You can edit and composite in any format and resolution on the same timeline while retaining the ability to non-destructively modify effects and parameters. Mistika's software will also offer a complete effects tool-kit, such as a large range of filters, color correctors, distortion effects, etc (for more information please visit our web

Also introducing Totem, a unique clustered rendering solution that will reduce overall system depreciation and increases return on investment. This clustered rendering technology will make your systems stay competitive for longer.

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